Animal feed

For animal feed does not provide for the compulsory certification. Confirmation of the safety of such products is carried out in the form of Declaration of conformity. On the territory of the Russian Federation registration of declarations is carried out within the framework of the national system of GOST R. the Feed, which is for sale within our country, must meet Russian security requirements.

Russian rules will be in effect until such time as entry into force of specialized technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of feed and feed additives”. Today ended public discussion of the draft of the rules, and he submitted for intrastate endorsement. With the introduction of technical regulations, the Declaration will be issued according to the requirements of the Customs Union.

On a separate group of feed additives already permitted the execution of the Declaration according to the form adopted in the Customs Union.

Certification center “Eurotest” will help to fill in the Declaration of conformity for different types of animal feed, will choose the optimal scheme of the Declaration and the documentation necessary for the adoption of the Declaration. Appealing to our specialists, you will get fast and reliable results.

Declaration of fodder GOST R of the Russian Federation

At the moment acting on the territory of our country the standards are the only documents that have the mandatory safety requirements to animal feed. For example:

GOST 28256-89 for lactating mares;

GOST 18221-99 for poultry;

GOST R 51166-98 for fur-bearing animals, rabbits, nutrias;

GOST 28460-90 for wild game, etc.

Compliance with these requirements is verified by the certification body during the process of Declaration, the result of which is the registration of the Declaration GOST R.

The choice of the form of confirmation of compliance of animal feed

Under Russian law, only one compulsory form of confirmation of compliance of animal feed — the Declaration of conformity. However, it is possible to combine the procedures for safety assessment to demonstrate the best sides of the products. For example, in addition to registered Declaration of compliance with feed products for animals you can obtain voluntary certificate. This document reflects the qualitative characteristics of the goods.

At the request of the applicant instead of declaring it is possible to pass the obligatory certification of conformity. The main advantage of such replacement will be comprehensive, and most importantly, independent analysis of the safety of products for animals.

Subject to Declaration

The main document, with the types of products subject to Declaration of conformity in system of GOST R is the Russian Federation Government decree dated 1.12.2009, No. 982. Registration of declarations of GOST R are subject to animal feed:

forage production of alcohol and brewing industry;

feed and protein-vitamin supplements for non-productive animals;

grist feed mill;

feed pellets;

feed for poultry;

complete pelleted mixed feed for rabbits;

briquettes and pellets feed;

concentrated mixed feed for sheep, etc.

The procedure of registration of declarations of GOST R feed

The Declaration of conformity of animal feed is carried out in most cases according to scheme 1D, which includes materials, confirming compliance with the requirements of the standards.

For registration Declaration of the manufacturer/seller in this case should:

To test for significant indicators established in the state Standards.

To obtain the test results in the test report.

To collect a set of documents, which includes information about products, manufacturer and/or seller specifications and other materials, which manufactured animal feed.

To fill in a Declaration of conformity according to the form adopted by resolution of Rosstandart dated 17.03.1998, No. 12.

Be sent to the certification body accredited for animal feed, the application for registration of the Declaration, a completed Declaration and a set of documents.

The certification body after reviewing all of the available information makes the decision on the entry of the Declaration in the state register. The registered Declaration is assigned a unique number.

Declaration of forage production from a Single form

In some cases the Declaration of conformity of feed and feed additives for animals may be filled by a Single form, adopted in the Customs Union (decision of the Customs Union Commission dated 9.12.2011, № 896). The Declaration procedure does not change is identical to the Declaration of conformity to requirements of GOST R.

Possible for products

To register a Declaration of conformity on unified form accepted in the Customs Union is possible in the production of animal feed:

feed for yearlings, year old and three years old pond carp;

feed for fish cage;

feed (feed mixtures) for farm animals, poultry and fish, produced using mobile installations;

different meal and cake;

protein-vitamin additives and aminophylline;

a full feed for poultry;

feed concentrate for piglets;

feed concentrate for pigs, etc.

The procedure of registration of Declaration of feed to a Single form of the CU

The sequence of registration of the Declaration for animal feed and feed additives, adopted by a single form of the Customs Union, does not differ from the sequence established in the system of GOST R. the Difference occurs in the list of products for which it is possible to design a single Declaration.

So, at registration of the Declaration TR CU mandatory confirmation of conformity with the help of evidence obtained with the participation of a third party.

Declaration of conformity in this case is carried out according to one of the schemes 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or 7D.

The Declaration after the entry of TR CU

With the entry into force of the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of feed and feed additives” Declaration of conformity feed products for animals will be registered, subject to the requirements of such regulations. The requirements of state and interstate standards will not be obligatory.

To date, the draft CU technical regulation on food for animals in the final version submitted for intrastate endorsement.

Registration of the Declaration TR CU

The Declaration of conformity requirements of technical regulations of the customs Union is issued by a Single form, approved by decision of Customs Union Commission dated 9.12.2011, № 896 and is valid throughout the Customs territory.

Ways of registration of the Declaration TR CU

In the draft CU TR for feed production are two versions of the Declaration (article 13, paragraph 2):

On the basis of own proofs (in the presence of the applicant’s own testing laboratory or contract with a testing laboratory).

On the basis of own proofs and the proofs received with participation of a third party.

Method of registration of the Declaration assigned to the applicant.

When declaring on their own safety appointed the Declaration scheme 1, which includes tests of the model samples and production control of the applicant. All the results are the declarant submits to the certification body for registration of the Declaration.

In the case of participation of independent parties the Declaration is carried out according to the scheme 3. Thus the following combinations are possible for Declaration registration:

Testing in an accredited laboratory and production control with the applicant.

In addition to the components p. 1 certification of the quality management system.

Description of all possible schemes of declaring of animal feed is given in Annex No. 2 to the draft regulations.

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