Animal size: 4 rules of keeping Pets in the apartment

A single set of rules governing the content allowed in Russia does not exist, says lawyer Bureau “Padva and Epstein” Alex Shkil. A particular volume of rules is established in each region by local authorities and in respect of rare and exotic animals there are Federal regulations on the content and monitoring (see law dated 24.04.1995 № 52-FZ “On fauna”), reminds the lawyer. For example, in Moscow allowed to keep a pet in the apartment, employed odnosima and in the rooms of communal apartments in the absence of the neighbors of medical contraindications (Allergy), says the expert.

However, there are a few General rules to keep in mind before you get yourself or another representative of fauna.

First of all, content animals in an apartment building should be safe for other residents, says the lawyer. This means that the owner is obliged to follow sanitary and veterinary regulations for keeping pet: time to vaccinate it regularly led to the examination of the vet. So, dogs belonging to citizens, are subject to mandatory registration, annual re-registration and vaccination against rabies starting at 3 months of age regardless of the breed in the state veterinary institutions of the place of residence of the owner. Newly acquired animals must be registered in a 2-week period, instructs the lawyer Bureau “Padva and Epstein”. Not allowed to keep animals in the common areas: kitchens, corridors, stairwells, attics, cellars, and balconies and loggias, he adds.

It is also important to remember the rules of transportation and movement of animals on the common areas in the house and local area. For example, dogs should be muzzled for walks, but cats and small animals are best to wear in special containers, which are sold in pet stores. “Dogs often dislike children and can respond to them aggressively. Anyway no one knows what will provoke the animal. It may even be a smell. It may, of course, they won’t bite, but to frighten, which is also unpleasant for the neighbors, especially for children,” says the dog handler Olga Bekov.

It also emphasizes that the dog’s behavior — this is the responsibility of the owner. “I often hear from owners of fairly large dogs that their dog is just the most well mannered and intelligent that it does not need to train because she won’t bother anyone and understands everything. And when this “dobrega” suddenly grabs the hand of his neighbor, then these owners are not able to move her. And this is a human problem, not an animal,” says dog handler. Therefore, the minimal training course is a must.

Clean — the guarantee of peace

The owner of the premises shall maintain the premises in proper condition and also abide by the rules of content of common property in an apartment house, reminiscent of Shkil.

That is, the flat occupied by the animal should be kept clean so that it eventually became a source of stench in the whole building. This applies primarily to owners of multiple Pets. “Surely all had heard about the grandparents who live in the apartment 15 cats, which gradually turned into a chemical weapon, because grandma just has no strength to care for them,” says veterinarian Elena Obukhova.

Thus, pet owners are required to maintain the sanitary condition of the house and the adjacent territory. Prohibited dogs entrances, stairwells, elevators and playgrounds, tracks, sidewalks. If the dog excrement left in these areas, they should be removed by the owner, is voiced by the applicable guidelines lawyer.

Obukhov also reminds owners furry four-legged friends about the need to comb them regularly. “First is the key to the health of the animal. Secondly, it will help to avoid clumps of fluff on all surfaces, not only flat, but also in the entrance. Don’t forget that the neighborhood can live with allergies”, — draws the attention of a veterinarian.

According to the regulations in force in Moscow, with the dog walking and residential owners must ensure peace, it is necessary to prevent barking dogs from 23 hours to 7 hours. However, it may seem strange, because the animal is not a machine, and therefore can not remain silent at precisely the scheduled time.

However, veterinarians and dog breeders indicate that in this case, the assistance may come again professional training and, surprisingly, psychologically comfortable living conditions. “Animals also get stressed, they may shatter the nervous system. For example, there are breeds of dogs who are experiencing discomfort from the cramped size of the apartment and require its own “living space” within the living space of the owner. But if they don’t even have their angle, they can behave poorly. Some breeds of dogs require a long and active walks. If the animal does not throw energy on the walk, it would “bring” her home, including in the form of barking,” warned Obukhov.

A properly trained dog that is contained in normal conditions and is in contact with his master, feels his love and respect, according to Bokovoy, will not respond to external stimuli, like cotton or door of a car horn outside the window.

Well, then Pets at home must also be your leisure: toys, houses, scratching posts for cats, beds.

Don’t answer — don’t start

Well, the main thing you need to think before you decide to have any pet, and are you ready to take responsibility? “The animal doesn’t care itself. It is the eternal child, where you settle people near,” reminds Obukhov.

Who will clean up after your pet, walk with him, to comb, to drive to the vet, where he will remain in the case of the departure of the owners — these are the questions you need to ask yourself at the decision point. And if the answers are all items found, then deal with the rest will be easier.

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