Autumn animal diseases

In the offseason, cats and dogs are also prone to colds, just as we are. How to protect your pet from all these diseases, find out the Annunciation, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Bloch basement, addictive

Closer to winter in houses are massively moving basement flea. Many people think they are not too serious enemy to the animals. Well, scratch pet, that’s all. It is actually much more dangerous.

– First, multiple flea bites can cause dermatitis, inflammation followed by the entry of infections. Secondly, some types of fleas and ticks can carry pathogens of human diseases: plague, tularemia, rickettsial and other, – explains the employee of the Annunciation of the veterinary clinic Vladimir Mokhov. – The fleas still bite someone – basement rats, our dogs or us, so theoretically through the flea can be infected with anything.

So – run to the drugstore for shampoos, sprays and other drugs against fleas. Note, incidentally, that sometimes it is not enough to only handle the animal. To destroy eggs and flea larvae on the floor and furniture you can use the same sprays and shampoos.

Beriberi autumn, bad Veterinarians believe that all animals are hard to tolerate autumn HMAR and the absence of the sun, at this time, godamunne in animals is diminishing. And it’s a loophole for the sores. So to delay the prevention of beriberi is not worth it.

– Make emphasis on nutrition, says Vitaliy Sergeevich. –

Let’s start on the alphabet, with vitamin A. because of its lack, the animal becomes weak, eyes grow dim, your appetite disappears. Having problems with stomach. Advised in such cases to add to the fodder vitaminized fish oil. Inexpensively and efficiently. Dose you can measure it with a syringe for dogs and puppies – 5 – 20 ml, cat and kitten – 0.5 to 5 ml. can Also help trivitamin – one drop per day in the mouth of the animal for 3 to 4 weeks.

A lack of vitamin B in the body of the animal causes a disturbance of metabolism, damage to the nervous system, decrease of hemoglobin in the blood. Animal loses weight, appear wobbly gait, seizures, fur loss.

– Must be added to the diet of raw meat, liver, meat and bone meal, Baker’s yeast, mixed and boiled with water, dogs – 5 – 10 g, cats – 2 – 5 g per day, advises the veterinarian is Also necessary vitamins in pure form.

Lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may be detrimental to the liver and stomach of your pet. The first sign of vitamin deficiency – redness of the mouth and swelling of the gums. In such cases the diet of the animal

you can add milk, lettuce, carrots. In addition, they are given askorbinku in powders or solution is injected together with glucose.

The ordinary cold, with runny nose and fever Our Pets tolerate the cold as well as we do. Fever, runny nose, sneezing – symptoms are the same. The first sign that your animal has a cold – not eating. Many can refuse to drink.

You can go to the trick: if the normal water pet is not thirsty, give him a little chicken or beef broth. This will ensure adequate fluid and nutrition – suggests Vladimir Mokhov. Cat priveredlivie little dogs, but they can be deceiving. Pour them in a bowl of water the juice of tuna, squeeze out of canned food. From such they are unlikely to refuse.

In addition, to remove the body aches and temperature of the animal will help a plant decoctions.

– Echinacea is superbacteria, and all because it instantly helps the body to fight infection. With increasing temperature give 12 – 15 drops of tincture with low alcohol content or no alcohol, – said the vet.

– In the room where your pet lives, moisturize the air to facilitate breathing beast.

– During the illness constantly wipe the animal’s eyes with a cotton pad soaked in warm water, clean from a variety of secretions to form crusts around the eyes and nose. If the discharge is yellow or green, the animal infection. Just show it to your doctor.

– To avoid dryness, treated with petroleum jelly or baby oil around the area of the nose.

– Can bury animal baby drops. On the first day – 1 drop in one nostril. On the second day – 1 drop in another. Continue this treatment for 5 to 7 days. Animals suffer from colds just like people.


Cook four cloves of garlic with broccoli and some carrots in beef or chicken broth mixed with filtered water. Strain the liquid, cool and add to food sufferer or give as a broth. Moreover, you can RUB the cooked vegetables and give them as snacks. Do not put onions in the broth, it is harmful to cats.

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