Children and Pets: for or against?

In adults did not and there is no consensus about whether to keep children and Pets at home together. And the supporters and the opponents have strong arguments. For example, those who encourages the child to become accustomed from birth to communicate with dogs or cats, claimed that the baby quickly develops, it becomes kinder.

And those opposed, talking about allergies that can occur, infections, aggressive animals.

Who is right, whose justification more significant, each of us decides for himself. Here’s some food for thought.

One day the teachers of the kindergarten, in which there was a lot of aggressive children, decided to experiment. They brought in a group of normal cat named Wiggles. First, the animal behaved caution: the Wiggles were hiding, shunned the children. But after a while he adapted and became a General favorite.

Surprisingly, soon the children became more flexible, less in conflict, more willing to reach out to each other. Educators believe that it is a cat, independent and proud by nature the creature had managed to teach the kids how to communicate.

The role of Pets in children’s lives

That children and Pets like to be in each other’s company, evidenced by the statistics of American scientists:90% of elementary school children said that the dog or cat is one of the most significant creatures after mom and dad, closer to teachers and relatives. What is the reason?

Psychologists who conducted the experiment say that the kids are talking about attachment to Pets, because they always are sympathetic to their children’s misfortunes, they can “speak out”, with them it is impossible to quarrel. Thus, often become Pets for kids first friends .

Opponents of keeping animals in the house say that children can “snuggle” kitty or puppy, because we do not completely understand that it is a living being. It is not, soothe psychologists, even a small animal can take care of himself. On the contrary, talking to him, the child quickly learns to distinguish boundaries. Of course, adults should keep the process under control and to prevent aggression from one side or the other, but not to do of tragedy of a child received a scratch.

Did you know that Pets can adjust the behavior of children? Only need to “find” each other according to their temperament.

For example, emotional, live children shows communication with songbirds, because these creatures are almost always in a good mood.

And phlegmatic, sluggish child will enjoy Guinea pig, hamster, rat. They can be taken on hands, to communicate with them with simple words.

Kids who love collecting, rational and calm, well suited aquarium with fish. He, by the way, will have a positive effect on vulnerable children, bystrovozvodimyh.

Experts note that adult and useful to communicate with different animals, as they help to cope with daily stress and increase vitality.

Taking care of animals, children grow up less selfish, more flexible, emotional. But only if the house and the adults treat animals with love and care. If no emotion pet does not cause them or, worse, is a source of constant irritation, the effect will be opposite – the child will grow up callous and cruel.

Child safety when dealing with animals

Despite the obvious advantages of children’s communication with animals, you need to remember about safety rules:

not to touch animals when they sleep or eat

do not disturb them when they have progeny: food, play with the cubs etc.

don’t tease the animals: you can’t show the food or toy and hide, waving his arms or stick, to run, to scream, to grab dogs and cats by the tail, ears, etc.

do not forget about hygiene after contact with Pets

Experienced dog experts also warn parents that you should not get a dog if you don’t have enough time to raise her so that she felt “younger than the youngest member of the family”.

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Now I see why children in kindergarten are sick ringworm! And where do they appear in the gardens of worms, sorry. Yes I and itself saw, how on the territory of our kindergarten lured from the kitchen cat and stray dogs. I don’t think this is normal and sanitary.

And when I was little, I was 5 years old, and my cousin 3 years — literally, “the cat ran”! And she and I wanted to squeeze the same kitten. She was holding the tail and head I, and we aggressively behaved in relation to each other. Pulled the poor animal every itself. Steel even fight! Our grandmother stood on the side sisters and I took offense and grandmother for life and sister still do not trust, even though we tridtsatnik!

Sister grandma always lived in the village, every day with these cats and kittens were playing. I city, for the summer first came to them. And she was prednicare fighting and the kitten I selected, not inferior.

Eh, I don’t think the cat in the garden would reconcile and calm aggressive children. Quite the contrary + unsanitary.

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