Codes of colors of cat hair.

In pedigree cats are abbreviations indicating the breed and color of cats.

a — blue b blue — chocolate, (brown, chestnut), chocolate (brown, chestnut, Havana, champagne) c — lilac (lavender) lilac (lavender, platinum) d — red, flame red e — cream cream f tortoiseshell tortie g blue-cream, blue-tortie golubkinoy, polubojarova h — chocolate tortie chocolate tortie j lilac-tortie lilac tortie n — black, ebony, seal . sable, ruddy black, seal, sable, wild o — sorrel, cinnamon, honey sorrel, reddish brown, brown, honey p — beige fawn yellow-brown, “fawn beige” q — red sorrel tortie brown tortie r fawn tortie beige yellow brown tortoise s — silver, smoke silver, smoke w — white white y golden x Golden — unregistered not registered, unrecognized color

The hair colors of cats are divided into : Solid — solid, single-color i.e., the body of the cat is painted uniformly in one colour. Tortoiseshell — a combination of black with red, blue with cream etc.

With Tabby . marble – 22, striped – 23, spotted 24, ticked Classic tabby / blotched tabby / (marble, classic) – wide spiral bands on the sides, reminiscent of marble stains, 22. Mackerel tabby (tiger, tiger, striped)- figure in the form of parallel vertical strips, 23. Spotted tabby (spotted) pattern in the form of spots all over the body, 24.

In cats with the coat pattern “tabby”, on the forehead, there are lines like the letter “M”. Coat color of cats with Tabby is the most diverse. The bicolors — a combination of primary colors with white. Etc.

Click on the Photo IDs of the colors of the wool of cats to enlarge and download . 3000 X 2121:

Color the cat: Polubarinova mankon marble tortoiseshell cat, g 22:

Maine Coon cat coat color: black marbled tabby, n 22:

On the Photo below to color the cat black marble tabby, code coat color of a cat: n 22:

Color the cat black tabby mackerel; code coat color of a cat: n 23:

Photo Maine Coon kittens, from left to right are the coat color: black marble tortoise – color code-hair kitten: n 22; red classic tabby, d 22; blue marble tabby, and 22: kittens on his forehead clearly visible letter “M”.

Photo blue Maine Coon kittens have color, from left to right: blue marble tabby, and 22 and

solid blue, monochrome, color code – a, – body of a kitten painted uniformly in one colour – blue:

Photo Maine Coon cat, color: cream marble tabby e 22.

Photo Maine Coon cat, color: black marble tortie, f 22:

Black tortie solid (solid) Maine Coon cat, color f:

Below is the Photo of Maine Coon kittens aged 3 weeks, color – black classic tabby, n22:

Table of colors of cats of different breeds and color codes cat hair:

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Drawings (tabby), placement spots and markings

Denote a pair of numbers, the first of which denotes the type of the described attribute (for example the figure in the coat, eye color or presence of white spots in color), while the second number characterizes the symptom.

Starting with digit 0 the symbol of the presence of white in color. With the number 1 begins the identification of the magnitude of chipinga in silver colors. With the number 2 begins to type designation drawing (tabby) tabby-colors . With the number 3 begins the designation of the type of point color (Burmese and Siamese). With the number 5 begins the identification of the length of the tail (breed, which are characterized by abnormalities in the structure of the tail, such as Manx limited Bobtail). With figure 6 is indicated starting eye color (indicate most part in colors, with the color of eyes can be different: chinchilla, pewter, white).

starting from 0 : 01 — van van 02 — harlequin harlequin 03 — bicolour bicolor, bicolor 04 — mitted/white point with white markings for color points 09 — little white spots white spotting

beginning 1 : 11 — shaded shaded (1/4 of the upper part of the hair shaded) 12 — tipped, shell veiled (1/8 upper part of the hair is darkened)

beginning with 2 : 21 — tabby . agouti banding, agouti-factor 22 — blotched, marble marble 23 — mackerel, tiger mackerel, mackerel 24 — spotted spotted 25 — ticked is ticked or Abyssinian

beginning with 3 : 31 — 32 burmese Burmese — tonkinese Tonkinese 33 — himalayan or Himalayan or Siamese siam 34 — 35 Singapore singapura — abyssinian Abyssinian

starting with 5 (tail length): 51 — 52 tailless rumpy — rumpy riser for menksy and Bobtail the rest of the tail: 1-2 vertebrae 53 — stumpy tail bean: 7-13 cm coiled tail 54 — longy long/normal tail for menksy

starting with 6 (eye color): 61 — 62 blue blue — yellow, golden yellow (orange), Golden 63 — 64 oddeyed wall eye — green green 65 — burmese eye color 66 Burmese cats — tonkinese eye color 67 Tonkinese cats — himalayan siam or eye color of the Himalayan and Siamese cats

The digits indicate the varieties of colors fur, eyes, tail length. Couple, starting with 6 must be present in a solid white color, in the absence of this pair of digits refers to the color of the eyes as the primary color for this breed or coat color.

Codes of colors used in FIFe and WCF. Dogs and cats in one cover, Information and reference guide. — M. Zooinform, 2001, pp. 67-68.

Breeds of cats. Codes cat breeds

XXX – title letter symbols, three letters

A group of long-haired (LH – long hair) PER Persian – Persian ECHO Exotic shorthair – Exotic Shorthair (exotic)

The group SLH (SLH) AUTH American bobtail American bobtails Balinesian BAL – Balinese CUR Curl Curl CYM Kimrik – Kimiki FWL longhair Foreign White – Foreign white longhair JAV Javanese – Javanese MCO Maine Coon – Maine coons Norwegian Forest Cat NFO Norwegian forest RAG Ragdoll – Ragdoll SBI Sacred Birman – Sacred Birman SFL Scottish-fold (SLH) is a Scottish-folds (SLH) SIB Siberian Siberian SOM Somali – Somali SRX Selkirc-rex – Selkirk – TIF Tiffani Tiffany TUA Turkish angora – Turkish Angora TUV Turkish van – Turkish van

Shorthair group (KN) ABY Abyssinian – Abyssinian American shorthair ASH – American Shorthair American wirehair AWH – American Wirehaired Bengalian BEN – Bengal Bombay BOM – Bombay British shorthair BRI British BUL Burmilla – Burmilla BUR Burmese – Burmese dream of Cartesian – Cartesian (kartheiser) CRX Cornish-rex – Cornish Rex CSP splendid Californian – Californian shining DRX Devon-rex – Devon Rex EUR European shorthair European Shorthair FWS shorthair Foreign White – Foreign white

GRX German-rex – German Rex HVB Havana brown – Havana brown JBT Japanese bobtail – the Japanese Bobtail Korat KOR – Carati MAN Manx – Menksy MAU Egyptian mau Egyptian Mau MUN Manchkin – Munchkin Ocicat OCI – Ocicat RUS Russian blue – Russian blue SIN Singapura – Singapore SFS Scottish-fold (KH) – Scottish-folds (KN) SFX Canadian sphinx Sphynx SNO Snow-shoe snow-Shu TON Tonkinese – Tonkin

Siamese-Osh group (SOKH) ORI – Oriental – Oriental SIA – Siamese – Siamese

Other NON – race Unregistered – Not registered breed

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