Everything you wanted to know about Guinea pigs.

Brief information for beginners vinkovatov.

Basic facts about Guinea pigs

The name “Guinea pig” consists of two parts, the “sea” and “pig.” Why it was named so weird. The first part of the “sea” most likely indicates that pigs were brought from beyond the sea, therefore, most likely, they were called, “overseas”, then simplified to “sea”.

The second part of “pig” indicates that this name was given probably because of the similarity of the sounds issued by pigs and rodents. Learn more about the origin of the name can be found here .

The average life expectancy of Guinea pigs at home is 5-7 years.

Guinea pigs can make a variety of sounds: whistling rumbling grumbling noise, the clicking teeth, etc.

Another interesting fact about the behavior of Guinea pigs is the ability to bounce sharply. In English it is called “popcorning” because she hops like a corn which becomes popcorn.

The size of Guinea pigs depend on the age. So, on average, a newborn Guinea pig has a length of 10 cm, gilt 5-6 weeks of age – 19 cm, 5 months – 23 cm and 8 months – 27 see

Gender of newborn Guinea pigs is difficult to determine. It is possible sdelat pigs, which was fulfilled about five weeks. The slight pressure on tummy near genitals (fold) in male pigs will appear reproductive organ, and the girls-pigs manifested a fold similar to “Y”.

Despite the fact that the pig is an undemanding animal, the owner still needs to create certain conditions for living in the home. For this you need to purchase some things and maintain them in a clean and dry condition:

Cage or terrarium for Guinea pigs. Selection of cells can confound the novice owner, so we suggest to familiarize with the rules of selection of cages for Guinea pigs

Bedding for Guinea pigs

Drinking bowl for Guinea pigs

Feeding bowl for Guinea pigs

Holder for hay for Guinea pigs

Toys for Guinea pigs

House for Guinea pigs. Houses for Guinea pigs you can make with your own hands .

Container-the container for Guinea pigs

About all the accessories for keeping Guinea pigs you can read here .

Of course, regular cleaning will make your pet healthier, since the inhalation of odors from uneaten food and excrement adversely affects the respiratory system of Guinea pigs. Instructions for cleaning can be found at the end of this article .

The basic principles, which include rules for the care of pigs:

The basic rule for the owner that you want to remember when selecting food for Guinea pigs is that pigs are strict vegetarians. Their diet should include hay or grass 60%, solid food (cereal) 20% and succulent feed 20% ( fruits/berries and vegetables/greens ). When this juicy food should contain more vegetables than fruit. It is also advisable to put in the cell mineral-salt stone . Monitor the availability of clean and fresh water in the cage. To the question: “What can not give Guinea pigs?”, we can answer that there are a number, at first glance, the usual vegetables that you should not offer your pet: peanut, the leaves and stems of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, potted plants. Never give Guinea pigs chocolate and candy. More information about what not to give Guinea pigs . you can find here .

To preserve the health of the pigs, you have to watch her diet, drinking water, clean cages, safe toys. But, unfortunately, the Guinea pig, like any other living creatures, can get sick or come to harm. If this happens, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. The symptoms of some diseases Guinea pigs you can find here .

There are 3 large groups of breeds of Guinea pigs:

Smooth-haired Guinea pig

Satin Guinea pig

Crested Guinea pig

Or female Abyssinian Guinea pig

Rex Guinea pig

Teddy Guinea pig

Peruvian Guinea pig

Sheltie Guinea pig

The coronet Guinea pig

The Texel Guinea pig

Alpaca Guinea pig

Merino Guinea pig

The tabernacle or Skinny Guinea pig

Baldwin Guinea pig – the bald Guinea pig

Swiss Teddy Guinea pig

Longhaired and Teddy Guinea pig

Ridgeback Guinea pig

Learn more about breeds of Guinea pigs you can read here .

If you are planning to have a pig for breeding . you need to participate in exhibitions Guinea pigs. Here you will find the show schedule for the year . which is constantly updated during the year.

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