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Except the birds, You can also order their feathers. Bird feathers we collect under the order. The price of the pen is discussed separately.

Birds ( Aves ) — a class of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates, whose members are characterized by the fact that their body covered with feathers and forelimbs modified into organs of flight — the wings (species that do not fly, have underdeveloped wings). Initially the structure of the body of birds adapted for flight, although at present there are many kinds of flightless birds. Another distinctive feature of birds is the presence of beak. Today on Earth there are more than 9792 different species (in Russia — 600 types). Birds inhabit all ecosystems of the globe from the Arctic to the Antarctic. The science that studies birds is called ornithology.

Birds are well-isolated group of warm-blooded vertebrates. One of the most characteristic features of representatives which is the covering of feathers that protects the body from adverse changes in temperature and plays an important role in flight. The ability to fly is the main feature of birds (the lack of capacity in some modern birds — a secondary phenomenon). All birds lay eggs. The upper limb took the form of wings, and birds typically can fly, although there are exceptions — ostriches, penguins and a number of island endemics in the course of evolution have lost the ability to fly. Birds obladatelem the structure of the respiratory and digestive system, which is closely linked to their ability to fly. Some birds, especially crows and parrots, have the ability to learn fast, while others use improvised tools, and still others transmit their accumulated skills from generation to generation.

Many bird species make regular long flights from one region of Earth to another, and even more nomadic lifestyle, constantly moving over short distances within the area. Birds are social animals, communicating with each other by means of visual and audible alarms, and perform social actions, such as communal nesting, joint hunting and protection from predators. For most typical “social monogamy” — pairs are formed on at least on one or a few breeding seasons, but rarely for life. Among the forms of marriage are also found polygyny (when the male cohabits with several females) and in rare cases, polyandry (one female and several males). Typically, eggs are laid in a nest and incubated by both members of the pair. Most birds a long time caring for the offspring after birth.

Due to the fact that the flight requires large expenditures of muscular energy, the level of metabolism in birds is extremely high and the need for food is great: the daily intake of food is 12-28% of the total mass of the body. The body temperature of birds on average is 42.2 °C, while the smaller species reaches 45,5 °C. Such a high temperature of the body is of great physiological importance, being one of the most important conditions for high intensity of metabolism and all physiological processes in the body. The smallest representative of this class is considered living in Cuba and the Isla de La Juventud Hummingbird-bee (Mellisuga helenae) — the length of males does not exceed 5.7 cm, and the largest is the African ostrich (Struthio camelus) height up to 270 cm and weighing up to 156 kg. Thus, mass of the smallest birds in 66 000 times smaller than the mass of the largest living.

The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is among the largest flying birds – the body weight may reach 11.4 kg, with a wingspan of up to 3.1 meters. Length of adult birds ranges from 117 to 135 cm

Wandering Albatross (Diomedea dynamics of rodent community) reaches a body length of up to 117 cm and has the largest among birds a wingspan of up to 3.25 m.

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