Feeding puppies

Often owners are concerned that, in conflict with literature pojelaniyami kennel puppies Caucasian shepherd lose interest in food while trying to feed them 6 times a day (age 1.5 months). The solution to this problem is to feed less often, while maintaining the usefulness of the diet and ensuring that the dog ate their food with appetite.

When priobretenii 1.5 month old puppy, remember that his diet should not be very different from the food that he got from the breeder. Growing puppies need more than adult dogs, the amount of food relative to its weight. Puppy food should be high quality and contain all the necessary vitamins. Due to the peculiarities of the breed Caucasian shepherd is very unpretentious. The body of the puppy during this period is adapted to the digestion of food it was fed, begins to secrete the necessary enzymes. It is therefore very important in this period to accustom your puppy to a variety of foods and develop an eating style.

Vegetable food should be no more than 50 % of the diet of adult dogs and no more than 30% in puppies. Very useful high calorie protein diet because it promotes proper formation of bones. The need to salt the puppy higher than that of the adult dog and should be about 5-7% on a dry-weight feed. Fat percentage – 20 %, protein 28 to 35 % based on the dry weight of the feed.

Ocenivaetsa for puppies cottage cheese, eggs, saltwater fish and a small amount of vegetables. However, remember that the curd will not replace those amino acids that are in meat. Excessive consumption of eggs may cause allergies and the deterioration of the coat. If you give the porridge, they must be well seethe, so how bad boiled porridge poorly absorbed, even older dogs.

The Caucasian shepherd puppies grow very quickly so they need food not only well sbalansirovanny on proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also rich in minerals. Puppies can get them from the spongy part of bones, cartilage of animals bones fish (little pups need to move the fish through a meat grinder). It is useful to give oily fish as it contains fish oil and minerals required to prevent rickets. Puppies up to 3 months fish is better to give in the form of meat, but with three months whole with the head.

It is recommended to also give vitamin-mineral supplements. With your choice of additives should pay attention to the fact that calcium should be about 1.5 – 2 times more than phosphorus. And this proportion should not be violated. It is desirable that the label of the vitamins was an indication that they are intended for puppies of large breed dogs.

Puppies can be fed dry food and only need to make sure there is a high percentage protein feed and was intended for the larger breeds. But raw meat must be present in the diet of the puppy. However, it is wrong to include in one feeding and dry food and meat. Rather will split time pitching different products.

The dog better be trained to different types of feed, so that later you have no difficulties with feeding.


In her kennel I feed dog food “Royal Canin” – I can’t give you razmochennoy in the form (on the water)

with 18 days to 3 days x 3 times a day.

21 day to 6 times a day.

In 30 days food dobavlyaetsya stuffing, and usual gradually – no more than 30 % mixed with feed, in 5 days – 50%, 1.5 months. – can follow a pure raw beef (tripe – tribukh, meat)

We have dry food is always and the puppy can eat it at will, and don’t forget about clean water. Water should always be. If water freezes dry food can not leave, in these cases, the female food offered simultaneously in a separate bowl from the raw materials (tripe, meat, etc.) If the puppy is snow (not trampled down) – don’t need water and dry food can stand always.

According to experts the most complete and the best food is natural – Scar. It is better to use lamb, goat or beef tripe (stomach). Beef tripe is given if there is no lamb or goat, all of this must be given in raw form. BONES and CARTILAGE to give PROHIBITED, they are not digested and cause trauma to the intestines. The puppy or dog to be out sick or die suddenly, your condition is similar to infection or poisoning symptoms (Vomiting, choking the dog, the saliva, the saliva may be blood, diarrhea – can be with blood or without blood, fever, sluggish and always is, weak on his feet, when humpback rises and sucks in the belly, etc.)

We do first “puppy” shot in 25 – 30 days. Then in 2 months and repeat in 2.5 months – before the change of teeth. Previously made vaccine can relax during the change of teeth with open sources of blood, where the infection can easily penetrate .

In 2.5 months you need to do the same and any vaccine imported vaccine against Rabies.

The same vaccine must be done in 6 months that the infection has infected the puppy after the change of teeth (teeth which strongly relaxes the immunity of the puppy and the vaccine) this is to ensure that your puppy is sick before the age of 1 year.

Exactly a year repeat the vaccine and then do 1 year rabies vaccination.

Don’t forget 7 days before vaccines chase worms. I give AZINOKS +.

As the puppy grows prevention is done every 1.5 months. If there is snow and you drove out the worms so often is not the case anymore. To do the run as there was dirt and zero temperature.

tripe – raw pieces

So you can feed the puppies and dogs. Dry food is usually always worth it in puppies, lactating bitches and dogs who are bad (lean). Mated females, and skinny dogs are transferred to 3 meals a day.

If you choose to send your puppy on their products, it is necessary to remember that new products are introduces gradually – no more than 30 % mixed with food which the dog was previously used in our nursery and so 5 days, after 5 days 50%, and only after 10 days can be transferred to your new diet.

If your puppy or dog directly transferred to new feed – will begin gastro enteritis, and the puppy can go after in infectious enteritis, thus, you risk to spoil or lose the puppy.

With this feeding dogs and puppies do not need vitamins in the rumen wall are all the vitamins and micro elements.

You can use whole fruits, vegetables and herbs as toys, instead of bones, puppies with great pleasure eating them. You can give all the leftovers from the buffet for them it as a treat, in addition to bones and cartilage is a foreign subject is not digested in the stomach of the dog, and brings only harm.

Portion of the scar my dog is not normalized – eat all you want, and get is limited in small dosages fat dogs.

Don’t forget – a Person grows 16 to 18 years old, and the puppy is gaining weight a man from 60 to 80 kg within 15 months. So it needs mineral supplements for bones and ligaments and in no case it is impossible to load and restrict movement.

Mineral feeding can be administered:

Puppies with 1 month. – Hokamix Gelenk + (it.) to give instructions can be a little more but not less, as the loss will affect the bones, and the excess will come out through the stool and will not cause harm .

If the puppy shows magkos bones, curvature, hard stands, etc., increase twice the dressing that you give.

You can give Kayagil follow the instructions.

Very good dressing, she is 4 months. GAG Forte – Forte Petvital GAG. You can use this podcase 3 months.

Definitely need to know if You bought a good puppy from good parents, then it need to properly grow. As the puppy grows we generated during the growth can be corrected and strengthened, but when the dog was not properly raised and became an adult, it is impossible to correct, only slightly correct.

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