Feeding puppy Chow.

Feeding puppies and adult dogs is made using the stand on which I put two containers: one for feeding and drinking. The height of the stand increases the growth of the puppy (the top edge is at chest level).

The mount allows the baby to get all four paws in the bowl and promotes the formation of good posture.

Opinion, what to feed puppies, very different. You can use professional dry food for puppies (see end of Chapter). They are balanced in composition, in their application eliminating the need for vitamin and mineral dressing. But we must remember that young puppies are not all the teeth, and chewing of the kibble is difficult for them, they do not eat and, consequently, do not grow. So dry food should be soaked.

We try to do the following: dry food is in bowl, available puppies, constantly, and, in addition, small puppies and get regular meals (according to the schemes shown below). Of course, the balance of power is partially lost, but the puppies get used to any food that can offer them a future owner, grow well and feel happy. Only dry food, we suggest that you translate the puppies after the change of teeth.

The daily amount of feed for puppies the Chow Chow is approximately 60-70 g per 1 kg of live weight. But, as in humans, dogs are individual characteristics. Abacinate one more, and another less food in order to be in condition. It is important and how a balanced diet You offer your pet. In appearance of Your dog you can always say, correctly and whether she eats, whether she is healthy and proper for her under care. In fact, Your dog is the calling card of Your family.

1. In the application of the new food or medicines, watch for allergic reaction dogs. If she appeared, then let the dog tavegil (0.01 mg per 1 kg of body weight every 12 h) and the use of the drug stop.

2. Twice a year (spring and autumn) is useful to the course of methionine (1 tab 2 times a day) – to improve metabolism in the body and condition of wool.

3. The porridge is cooked almost until done and add vegetables. If meat or fish is lean, at the end of cooking added beef fat 2 liters 1 tablespoon.

4. Meat twice a week, you can replace the boiled liver and twice in fish. Offal in General is always given only in cooked form. (Remember that puppies the composition of the gastro-intestinal juice will not be able to cope with toxins and puppy easy to poison!)

5. Fresh herbs, finely chopped, add just before eating. Be careful with fresh cabbage and carrots (there have been cases of poisoning of puppies by nitrates, excessive amounts of which may reside in those fresh vegetables).

6. No mineral supplements and vitamins without the advice of a breeder!

The AMOUNT of the daily intake of feed, depending on age

Number of feedings per day

Recommended dry food: Dog or Diamond Nutra Nugget EUKANUBA note: preferably with a protein content of 26% (for adult dog)

Communication with a puppy

Not to scare the puppy, to have him soft. As often as possible (constantly!) talk with the puppy, call the food or the toys You give him, his label and his actions. The more You communicate (as with a human child!), the smarter Your dog will be and the closer will be the mental connection between you!

The first thing we must learn ourselves and teach their children, getting a puppy, it is right to borrow. The puppy is still small, the muscles and ligaments he is still weak, but at the same time it is choppy and nimble. If the baby squeeze, as a kitten, picking at the forearm of the front legs, it’s easy to disfigure. Keep it tight, so that the baby pulled away and fell to the floor. To lift correctly: with one hand clasping the front of both shoulders, the other supporting the back. Puppy Chow is better to raise, one hand clasping the back below the tail above the hocks, keeping your other hand under the chest. Then you can hang a hand over the front paws, since it is more convenient to Avoid mistakes: a) not raise the puppy by the front paws – it weakens ligaments; b) not to raise the puppy with both hands covering her chest, under the elbows – this will lead to the fact that the dog will then be “turned” elbow: a) not raise the puppy by the neck.

Not to Pat puppy on the head (otherwise can “disperse” ears): do not play “tug-rag” (not to spoil the bite): puppy not to allow down stairs as long as possible, and to carry it on hand (so as not to spoil pastern): not allowing to climb on the couches. The puppy may be too young to start learning, and if he is a potential show dog, you need to learn to stand on the table in the show position. Most puppies at three weeks old is very obedient. They can be taught very well stand by and let himself explore. Unfortunately, puppies are often forgotten early training, if not continue.

Puppies are easier to train to walk on a leash, than a dog-teenager. There are certain periods when education moves easier. For the Chow Chow the easiest to teach are considered to be the fifth, seventh and ninth weeks. Remember that the Chow Chow there are special so-called “round” dog collars, harnesses and ringovki. Inside they laid the pipe so that in cross section it turns out the circle. Such collars and harnesses “pushing” rich cousinou wool, not wiping it.

The need arises be kept in a puppy after waking up, long games, food. Use these moments. Most breeders of pedigree breeders when feeding suckling puppies in addition to the main, a fitted socket is a big space covered with paper or old Newspapers. After talking with the mother or under her puppies moving sideways on the newspaper, and within a minute the puppies send their needs. To month most of the litter to independently use toilet. Continue pinning this skill, gradually moving the puppy from toilet seat to door. The time of disappearance of Newspapers by the door will make the cheek look for them, whining, valiveti. Grab it and take it to the street. But remember, the toilet door needs to disappear not earlier than in three to four months. Please note that the fine solution of potassium permanganate destroys odors “surprises”.

Remember the saying “Heal as the dog” not wealthy. Dogs can also get sick, just like people. The disease can not be run!

Be careful when using medical drugs! Follow the main principle – “do No harm!” If in doubt, better to consult a specialist.

Boric acid or calendula tincture (10 drops in a glass of boiled water) as an Eyewash, if necessary. Eye drops for daily use (rubbing his eyes) no therapeutic effect, eg. “Dr. Clauder’s”. Levomicetinom eye drops “Gelatin-baby”. “Helaian-darling” – for quality of formation of the musculoskeletal system. 10% tannic solution of alcohol 1 time per week to clean the ears. ZAP (antiseptic healing powder) or powder “Ryosan” – the healing of wounds, to clean the ears. Activated charcoal (4-6 tablets adult Chow Chow), cooked carrots – for upset stomach. Tavegil (0.01 mg per 1 kg of body weight with a break of 12 hours) – allergic reaction. Zinc paste is to lubricate the skin with “irritation”. Analgin, acetylsalicylic acid (10 mg per 1 kg of body weight with an interval of 8 h), Ribotan – veterinary immunomodulator, is used in parallel with the vaccine and in the case of “suspect” conditions in dogs.

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