How to convince parents to buy a kitten

The arrival of a kitten imposes on owners of certain, sometimes it is not feasible commitments. Because the cat, and especially a helpless little kitten is the same child who requires constant attention, care, warmth and love. Many parents believe that children will not be able to handle pet. But if the child is approved in the thought that he not only wants, but also be able to take care of the kitten, to clean up his tray, monitor its hygiene and health, you may want to try to persuade parents to have a kitten.

If the parents refuse to have a kitten

Ask your parents the reason of failure on your desire to take a kitten. Be sure to find out if someone from the family has an Allergy. It’s a very powerful argument against Pets. An Allergy is a reason to deal with the fact that animals in the family, as the health of family members is more important.

If the problem is not with allergies, you should try to persuade to buy a kitten of one of the parents. Better to bring in your desire mom – she’s usually more loyal in matters of domestic Pets, especially cats. And if you understand that mom is on your side, you soon a positive response and will give dad.

Start a conversation with a desire to have a kitten. Immediately bring the advantages of this choice, explain why you are so important pet. Perhaps you feel too lonely, and multiciplity the lump can help to cope with sadness. Or in soul have sunk down eyes of a kitten who needed a home and owners. You may like a breed – then tell us about the merits of these cats. Be sure to remember that mom knows about, will you be able to take on the responsibility of caring for a kitten: to feed, to stand at his request early in the morning, play with the kitten, remove the tray, to monitor his health.

Do not demand instant answers. Give parents time to think things through and come to terms with your desire. After all, before buying a kitten they should all carefully weigh and verify your readiness to take this step. Well, if you see what they pull with the decision, gently remind about the request. You can even hint about the upcoming holiday (New year, birthday) and your dream about such gift.

Information for parents

The baby is not the first time tries to persuade parents to buy a cat, but my parents are adamant! They don’t want to burden yourself with unnecessary cares, they are not sure whether the appearance of an animal safe for the little scamp? Of course, parental fears are well founded and understandable. In addition, care for animals, really can lie down on parent shoulders. And, if her child will have a positive effect, the main task of adults – to teach your baby to communicate properly with the animal.

You should pay attention to the personal qualities of the child. Will he be able to observe the careful handling of animals, would it not be cruel to the pet. If the character and temperament of the baby satisfies his ardent desire to get your own kitten, you should look at this question from the other side – the purchase and subsequent care of a cat will form the child’s sense of responsibility, of duty, of confidence in their own abilities.

In psychological terms, the child’s contact with cats is not only possible, but desirable. Experts say that communicating with animals, particularly with cats, children noticeably richer emotionally. They are not as prone to stress, and their psyche becomes tangible resistance.

However, do not blindly indulge all the children’s desires. Make sure that the baby is really ready to assume at least some responsibilities to care for a cat: to clean the tray, follow the hygiene of the animal, feed it. All this must occur under the control of their parents. It is important to do know about cats as much as possible and dedicate the necessary knowledge in their children.

What do you need kitten

For parents especially important aspect is the choice of a healthy kitten. After all, to have a sick pet means to protect the child’s psyche, to expose the child to undue risk. Carefully check the kitten for clean eyes and ears. The skin of the pet should be free of scratches, sores, bald spots. Watch the process of feeding the kitten. Healthy kitty, of course, has a good appetite.

In addition, the child must know that cats don’t like:

The noise – explain to your child that yelling at a kitten cannot.

Cats don’t like, if they are constantly running. Cornered animal may be very scratched.

Cats don’t want to be a toy, they have needs and desires, and the kid is obliged to reckon with it!

Cats do not tolerate ill-treatment. It is desirable to impose on the Pope, as an example of strength and masculinity, explaining the stigma of cruelty to animals.

Also, it is desirable to find as much useful information about the care of cats .

I hope that this article will help children learn how to persuade parents to have a small pet, and parents will provide important information, following which they will be able to make the right decision for the whole family.

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