How to feed a German shepherd puppy, rules and features

Probably there is no man who has not heard about the shepherds. These animals are guarding the border and looking for people under the rubble, was escorted blind and unushiwal drugs, pursue criminals and brilliant acting.

And dogs are great guards and become true and faithful friends. This breed is one of the most popular in the world. But to raise the perfect dog, you need to follow certain rules. This applies particularly to the food. The owner should know exactly how to feed the puppy dog and follow the recommendations.

One of the features of German shepherds is that they are rapidly gaining weight. Newborn boy 10 days of his life his doubles, and three triples weeks. Five, correctly contained the puppy should have half the adult weight in males varies from 30-40 pounds, and in females – 22-32 kg. Naturally, during such an intense of weight gain and the skeleton is formed intensively. Therefore, the nutrition a growing puppy needs to be as balanced as possible.

But the rule of how to feed the puppy, includes not only diet but also the diet. Usually up to months toddlers feeding the mother, so it is important to provide adequate nutrition females. From the month shepherd puppies begin to eat on their own. During this period the power they have six. After 10 PM to give the baby food is not recommended. With 1.5 months of feeding on four meals a day, with three to feed three times a day, and from six to just two times a day,in morning and in evening. Only if the dog has done a lot of physical activity, she adds another feeding. To determine what she ate, can behavior. A hungry animal, emptied the bowl, will not depart from it, and will continue to lick. So, the next time you need to increase the feeding portion. But to overfeed the dog, too.

The second rule of how to feed a German shepherd puppy, is that his bowl should not stand on the floor, because in this case the dog has formed a hump, and the pelvis tilts upward. The bowl must be level with the muzzle, i.e. the height of the stand with the growth of the pet increases.

The food offered to the pet, should be warm. Refrigerated or heated food leads to diseases of the digestive system, and sometimes to death of the animal.

Now about the diet. It needs to be high-calorie and nutritious, contain essential vitamins and minerals. If the puppy grows in prepared animal feeds, need to be chosen only to higher grades, as feed first and second grade does not give a growing body of all necessary nutrients. It is important when feeding finished feed to give your puppy a lot of water, so as not to burn his stomach wall.

How to feed a puppy, if you cook for yourself? First, the proportion of protein in the diet should not be below 30%. If this is not followed, the dog will grow weak, and her body to be underdeveloped. The source of protein is meat and its derivatives. Secondly, the diet should include raw and cooked vegetables, fruit, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, dairy products, cereals, greens, tops of radishes, beets, rutabagas, treated with boiling water nettles, black bread. Porridge is better to brew from a mixture of cereals. So the dogs eat readily.

How to feed a puppy meat? Kids older than 1.5 months, give boiled and cut into pieces of rabbit and chicken, and raw beef. The stuffing is better not to give because it sticks in the stomach and poorly digested. Offal to 4 months also better not to give, and liver boil even for adult dogs to prevent infection with worms. When the puppy turns 1.5 month, you can give him raw beef Mosley. In five months they should be replaced the ribs, because at this age, puppies be radical very strong teeth. They will be able to crack bones, so sharp the shards will injure mouth, throat and stomach. At the age of 4 months of meat in the morning or evening menus, you can replace the fish. Marine is better to give raw to keep the nutrients. River fish can be given only thermally treated.

How to feed puppy veggies? Carrots, cabbage and marine cabbage, beets, onions, turnips, cucumbers, pumpkin, peppers should be included in the diet necessarily, since they are sources of micronutrients. All the vegetables can be boiled, only the potatoes given raw as cooked poorly digested. Carrots can be boiled, and can be given raw, cut it on a grater and mix with sunflower oil. Tomatoes need to enter the menu, because they play an important role in cleaning teeth. Legume from the diet should be excluded. As an antihelmintic and a source of vitamins, preferably every day to give the puppies a small clove of garlic.

Of course, it is very important to add vitamins. The best source of calcium is crushed egg shells. The two pups give her half a teaspoon. When the age reaches 4 months, the dose should be 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day. Another source of vitamins is honey. It is added to the milk 1 teaspoon since two months. Also added to the diet of crushed grain sprouted wheat and other cereals. A good lure is bone meal, which is poured into a separate bowl to keep your dog ate, when they want. Significant benefits and brewer’s yeast added to the diet, according to the instructions.

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