How to teach to go on command “to me” dog or puppy?

How to teach your dog the command “come” so that she happily ran to you only to say these two cherished words? One of the most important commands you will use most often others the command “to me”. Every dog is a living personality, and each individual requires a different approach to teaching this command. Make your pet obey you in any circumstances and ran with one team in any conditions – need to know how to act in a given situation.

Dog training is not such a hard task, but the cunning you have to be a lot more than your pet.

Raising a puppy and an adult dog involves weaning off the offending behavior and bad habits.

Fortunately, all problems are already solved before you. Millions of dog owners before you who have dealt with similar problems, and solved them all in the same way that we do now.

If you are not getting anything when training this command, then simply to grasp the essence of the training team, to understand why the dog or puppy doesn’t want to come.

The command “to me”: how to teach your puppy or dog to come with one team and in all conditions?

What are the ways to achieve approach puppy or dog? Most importantly: the approach to the owner should associiruetsya something good. Need to do so that the dog wouldn’t trade for anything in the world the call of the master even for a dozen cats on the horizon.

Treats for dogs best help in learning to approach the owner on command. An ancient method, but very effective. Just first say the dog’s name and immediately the command “me” (e.g., “Butch, come to me!”). When the dog starts moving towards you, several times tell the joyful, reassuring voice: “To me, to me, smart boy”. The approach will generously reward the dog with a treat and praise violently: “me, me, okay,” and carefully ironed the dog. This meeting will assess the dog, and eventually you will control it completely in any situation.

Praise and oglasevanje. As you can see from the example above, all used together: praise, a treat and oglasevanje. Treat over time will not be given at all, although sometimes it is good to give something tasty for the approach at your command.

A favorite toy. If your dog has a favorite toy or stick, it’s time to use it. While walking or on the train attract the dog’s attention (name the nickname, you can clap your hands), and then entice the toy or stick. The dog will quickly understand your hint and will gladly run to you, looking forward to a fun game. When it will run – say several times: “To me, to me.” For the approach she will be rewarded with a short game with the owner. Although I can play a little longer – will only get better.

A long leash. When the dog does not listen to command, we need to temporarily attach to her collar long leash. Attach the leash and let go to walk around the neighborhood. Eventually going to call the dog and if she doesn’t listen to you, quickly grab the leash, and then pull it a little bit on yourself. The dog will pay attention to you and see in your hand a treat is when she will run to you, need more time say “me”. On arrival give treats, praise and ohladit.

Tricks. If during the walk the puppy (or dog) doesn’t want to go to you and not responding to commands, just run off from him. Great distance to scare the owner of a puppy, and he wants to cut. When he will run to you – say several times, “me”, and at the approach too. Do not forget each time you approach to praise and Pat the dog. As you can see, the steps are very similar, if not identical.

What you should never do?

Never punish the dog for the approach at your command. It takes only one time to punish a dog for an approach to the owner at his command, as the dog may never more him not to come to DHS. Even if you didn’t call the dog, but she ran to you after some of the misconduct – not punish her. Better to sell her on what I wanted to punish next time. For the same approach to you do not punish! Next to the owner of the dog should feel safe. This is one of the most fatal mistakes of breeders in the education. Be sure to read the link about 19 other common errors committed by beginners.

Never say the command more than once. After giving a command the dog must immediately perform it. Encourage implementation trick, treat and praise, but never give the command more than once. Otherwise the dog will listen to you with the tenth of the issued command. When the dog performs the command “me”, then you praise her a few times repeating this command – but this is not an error, as you encourage the dog for the currently executing command.

Not beckons the dog, if you feel that will not work. Not beckons the dog when, for example, she ran without your knowledge to another dog, and you know that your team she will not listen. Achieve better performance in quiet conditions, get little training (which will have a positive impact on obedience you as a host in General), put the shutter speed (also an element of control). That is, to have your dog listen to you in any, even the most stressful situations, and sustainable for faster results you should not just work on one team “to me”, but also to obedience in General .

As you can see, the approach to the owner with a single command in any situation is possible if training. But it’s not that hard, but the result is worth it.

Where to hold the first lesson and how?

Classes spend in the place where you will not disturb anybody. The command “come” should be taught either while walking or when you purposely train a dog is with other teams.

To teach the animal just. So:

Name the nickname of the animal and immediately say “me”. Will, for example: “the Boatswain, to me!”. Instead of nicknames can attract the attention of any other sound: clapping, pritsokivaniem, whistle, etc. If the dog is not paying attention, you can run away from him at a distance.

When the dog will run towards you a few times and happily repeat: “To me, to me, well,” the owner’s voice must be heard loudly and joyfully.

When the dog finally will be near you, give treats, and gladite her gentle voice say: “To me, to me, smart boy”.

Not need every time to repeat the dog’s name. Over time stop repeating the nickname, and the dog will be as well to respond to just two words: to me.

With a toy sequence of steps similar to that described above. Simply attract the attention of the beast, then command the dog to “come” and entice toy. Be sure to play in the approach, not forgetting a few times to say “to me”. If a pet is reluctant to play, it is only from the artistry of the owner depends on whether he will play it.

It is important to remember.

After walking, you decide to go home. Going to call the dog on command, but do not attach the leash directly to the collar. otherwise the dog can remember it and not come running the next time. Better call her back here, then play around a bit and attach the leash. After you attach the leash, can still play a little, so that the puppy or dog was positive Association with the leash. After this procedure, you can go home. Of course, so will need to do not every time, only the first time. Then it is better to just praise for the approach and sometimes give a treat.

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