Pets: the maintenance, care

Kittens, cats, puppies and dogs, rabbits, parrots, Canaries, rodents, turtles, reptiles and various exotic animals all these animals, large and small, bring joy to children and adults!

Experts believe that pet for a child should choose at the age of 5-6 years. This is the age when the child begins to understand that the animal is not a toy.

But, when choosing an animal, consider that:

How would you carefully did not care about his pet, in the house will be his natural smell

The furniture and other interior items could be seriously injured from the claws and teeth of the animal

Fluffy members of the animal world everywhere, they leave their wool

Pet requires additional material costs, such as special food, regular gelmintozy, vaccines, veterinary inspection.

Machine Body in the woods. Studying forest animals

by Smart kid

In this cartoon the little red machine continues to travel.

Each machine on the farm. The study allowed

by Smart kid

Have you seen the cartoon with our little.

Who will take care of domanation child?

Some children quickly tire of their Pets, they lose interest in a new friend, only disappears the charm of novelty. Parents, as a rule, more responsible, necessarily involved in the execution of daily operations to care for animals. Try not to get into “slavery” at a very early stage, the better you can instill good habits in the baby. Be an observer rather than an active helper.

Who do you choose?

Rodent or reptile

Safety rules when handling Pets

Pets as a rule, possess a friendly disposition, however, some animals may pose a danger to humans. Most often the victims allowed children aged 5 to 9 years. Each year, nearly 5% of children in this age group are bitten by Pets. Children aged 9 to 14 years old often become victims of their own negligence.

When in your house, you receive a pet, the child should be instructed about the safety rules when dealing with them. The child is at risk of being bitten or scratched, as a rule, in cases where he is teasing the animal or causes him pain. In this situation the dog has to protect themselves, their territory, their food. Cases when the dog attacks a person without any apparent reason, are extremely rare.

If the dog slept next to your bed or with you, teach her to sleep alone and only at designated place. She lay comfortable and easily washable bedding. Ensure that the cat took a fancy to a cot or pram for daytime or night’s sleep. Maybe after the baby is born will have the sense to tighten the mesh crib so that the cat did not jump.Note the bowls with dog and cat food: grown up child surely they are interested and wants to try the “Goodies”. If the baby is crawling, remove the bowl from the zone of reach and encourage your animals have at certain hours.

Simple psychology

Although the need to care for your pet disciplines the child, teaches him about someone to care…

You should not have small rodents for children up to 8-9 years old – a small child is unlikely to be able to carefully take the animal in hand, not pressing and not losing it, and this can prove deadly to the rodent!

And do not put the cage with the hamster, chinchilla or rabbit in the nursery – because these animals are mostly nocturnal, at night they will actively rustle, scrape and disturb sleep owners!

Aquarium or terrarium

A small child as a pet fish does not perceive . They are behind glass, not emit any sounds, the maximum sign their mind is moving with the finger, it’s impossible to play…

To avoid possible problems, observe the following rules of interaction between infants and Pets:

The inhabitants of the aquarium

Of course, the fish, unlike other animals, cannot touch it, but very interesting to watch, it is also possible to give names or even talk to them.

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Two cats in the house, the second cat in the house, to get the second cat Photos, advice on choosing

There are cases where, for one reason or another, there is a need to have a second furry pet, then there are two cats in the house . When making this decision in the first place we must remember that cats are by nature solitary and independent, and if will live in a group, then only if they themselves want, and to want can if appropriate conditions in any city apartment or country mansion. Since all members of the cat family of beings are not predictable, then the first time they may not converge, as a result, will be observed aggression in cats in full .

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In almost every family where there are children, sooner or later the question arises: whether to have a pet for your child? Do not dwell on the problem solving – who will care for your pet, to feed, walk, and assume that the family replied in the affirmative and decided to fill up the ranks of another living being. And here comes the time for a serious choice – what kind of pet to have the child, cat or dog, a ferret or a turtle, and, perhaps, the best option is the aquarium? Those who stand at this crossroads, we will try to help.

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Every living being is inherent in reproduction. Only through the reproduction of animals ensure the continuity of its life. As a result of the reproduction to produce new individuals of a certain kind, that is animals, thus, reproduce their own kind. The most prolific animal Photos and descriptions – see!

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Cats are remarkable animals in that they bring a lot of joy and fun, become full members of the family. Actually it is an undemanding animal that easily adapts to any conditions and tied to the owner. But to get not only a pet, but a true friend, a cat must be properly chosen. Here are the most popular cat breeds in the world.

. Black sea.

The favorite question of children (and sometimes adults) on our tours – “And it does not bite?”. Let’s get right to it. First, not bite anybody, if not enough hands, not to pull the tail, poke in the face with a stick. Imagine all that you are doing with your mate is introduced? Do not be surprised if he bites you or just give back? It’s the same with crabs, and jellyfish, and snakes, and with anyone: look, rejoice, but do not climb them with his hands. Secondly, the Black sea is very friendly and safe for humans. There is almost never found dangerous for animals. Here are a few of the inhabitants of the Black sea that could give us trouble.

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