Small dog breeds and dignity of Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the category of dog breeds called decorative. The nature of such Pets alive, and its distinctive features are kindness, loyalty, devotion, and many other positive traits. This dog has a brilliant temperament, which will always please their owners.

Weight Pets shall not exceed three pounds, and most of all they love to walk and frolic. In response to the attention paid by Yorkshire Terriers meet the owners dedication and love. Often these Pets are used to participate in exhibitions. If the pet is instituted to stay at home without constant visits to various exhibitions, haircut Yorkshire Terrier is an essential feature of his care. The number of various haircuts, which were invented specifically for this breed of dog is really amazing. As for the contests, which often involved small dogs . then they presented the Yorkshire Terriers with their long natural hair. It is necessary for the responsible care and many special tools.

Such a lovely and friendly creature, as the Yorkshire Terrier, always happy people around, not to mention their owners. What a funny face could be touched passers-by in the street, carrying the puppy in a special bag, which is very convenient. Yorkies quickly find a common language with other dogs and is always friendly to strangers.The mood of their owner these dogs feel amazingly precise and always ready to listen to him. To connect with Yorkshire Terriers can be very long and they will always pay attention to his master.

Very often, purchasing a single representative of Yorkshire Terriers, owners tend to buy more, so the dogs had fun together. These Pets, unlike other dog breeds, just perfectly combine quality, giving the opportunity to contain in one room several representatives of this breed. The owners can be assured that you will never regret what you brought home some Yorkshire Terriers in urban environments. On the contrary, communication with two or three dogs will be infinitely amazing, interesting, enjoyable and fun.

There are a variety of small breed dogs . but the Yorkshire Terrier boasts several important advantages. One pet is absolutely not shed. No less important advantage is the complete absence of so-called “dog” smell, which is distinctive to animals. The Yorkshire Terrier is truly neat and keep it indoors without fear face different challenges.

Despite the fact that dogs of this breed immensely kind and sociable, as other Terriers, they have a certain degree of stubbornness and serious nature. But it also serves only the dignity of the pet, because the Yorkshire Terrier will always advise the owner, when near his dwelling will be strangers. Persistent and loud barking of York is able to attract the attention of neighbors if the thief tries to get into someone else’s apartment.

As already noted, the Yorkshire Terrier has many positive qualities which evaporates all doubts to buy a puppy of this breed for those who like small breed dogs . The coat of the pet is very beautiful and attracts the attention of different people, especially those who are not familiar with Yorkies. While in the home to care for hair York really is easy. Much more physical and financial resources needed to provide the dog a presentational appearance for the special exhibitions. But today, thanks to quick access to required information and opportunities to use the services of professionals, it is also not an issue.

Yorkshire Terrier lends itself perfectly to training. For example, we need only a few lessons to teach him to guard the purses, and pet will easily cope with this task. The same goes for protecting handbags, mobile phones and other things. The dogs teeth are sharp, and care is high, so arrogant thief, not expecting danger from the representative of the Yorkshire Terrier will be quite surprised, if they want to seize other people’s property.

Yorkshire Terrier perfectly brighten up the life of his master, and will do so for a long time. These dogs live from 12 to 15 years and even older specimens defiantly able to have fun and act like cute puppies. The eyes and snout of York is able to bribe any person. Yorkshire Terriers become the favorites of ladies from the first sight, and men, contrary to stereotypes, too, can see what the advantages and fun features have small dogs . Therefore, York will be a great friend and just a favorite in any family. The pet will be a real treasure for owners who want to protect it and to educate.

If you highlight the advantages of a Yorkshire Terrier that the breed possesses in comparison with other dog breeds, you can bring the list:

Small size and weight of the pet. This advantage allows the Yorkshire Terrier to grow in urban settings even in apartments with a small area. While it is not necessary to feed liberally. But what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier . For example, an adult dog requires stern weight up to 80 grams daily. However, you can feed it a variety of natural dishes.

Yorkies are clean animals that are characterized by a high level of hygiene. The lack of shedding this cute pet will help eliminate any problems associated with the presence of fur from a pet wherever possible. It will also help you to avoid allergies, that’s always been true for pet owners.

This breed is a Yorkshire Terrier accustomed to doing their toilet business on a special diaper, or in a small tray that is used for filling the litter tray. Thus, easily solved the issue of constant walk the dog, and going to the toilet she will be in one specific place. You can leave the pet alone at home, without fear that he’ll ruin an expensive carpet.

Not less important advantage of a Yorkshire Terrier, for people who appreciate small dogs . choose the Yorkie, is their cleanliness. This allows you to go on a vacation together with your pet and stay with him in hotels. Small size dogs gives you the freedom to carry it with you without certain restrictions.

Yorkshire Terrier throughout his history occupies a leading position among dog breeds that are considered the most expensive and in demand worldwide. However, it should be noted that the value representative of the breed is fully justified and the owner, who gave money to purchase this cute creature, never in my life will not regret it.

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