Terrier and all about them

The word “Terriers” (from English terrier, French chien terrier) have long been used to refer to earthen dog, or a dog that lives in a hole, the distinguishing characteristics of this group of dogs are excellent for hunting in burrows and the tunnels of the dens.

Despite its size, from large representatives to the crumbs, these animals have one thing in common — a passion for hunting. Most of today’s artificially derived from Terriers for catching valuable species of rodents, foxes, badgers, rats and other animals that mainly live in burrows. The most senior representative and you can say the progenitor of the breed is Black and Tan Terrier (Black and Tan Terrier) is extremely graceful, graceful dog with incredible speed and stamina. It is black with reddish-brown markings above the eyes; he has a light step, lightning-fast reflexes and a killer instinct. Black and tan is So small, protruding to the top of the ears, thin tail, which by the way was not arrested, pointy face and small eyes, put on direct and strong paws. He has thick, short and moderately hard hair. The adult weighs within 10 kilograms, at the same time,met the representatives and dwarf weighing only 3 kg from them and even had a Toy-terrier is a toy Terrier.

Now the most popular are Fox, German Jagd. Jack parson Russell Terrier because they could not be better suited for hunting in burrows of foxes, badgers and Minks, home in the house they are the exterminators of rats, mice and other small rodents better than any cat. Brief information about the types of Terriers can be read here

Fearless, loving, delightful, aggressive, active, medium size, and it is only some words that describe the American Terrier. These dogs are very good companions and great friends. American Staffordshire Terrier is a relative of English and European who migrated to America in the early 20th century. It is a well-known American breed, which is popular and actively develops not only in the States. These dogs are involved […]

A mixture of Boston Terrier and Chihuahua adorable Pets, great feel in the apartment and are popular with the whole family. Getting the best from a mixture of two of the most popular dog breeds — the Boston Terrier and the Chihuahua, in a relatively small “package” fit a multi-faceted personality. Let’s briefly look at the parents.

It’s cute, funny, active and cheerful dog. Their wool is white. The undercoat is soft, thick and dense, the outer layer of wool is characterized by roughness. The length of the outer layer can reach 10 cm This breed, for convenience, often referred to simply as “lead”. These Terriers are notable for their powerful hind limbs with well-developed muscles.

Despite the fact that information about what to feed your dog can be found freely available on the Internet, get advice in the veterinary clinic or pet store, today still there are people who are confident in what bones are the best food for the animal. Alas, stereotypes and kids cartoon played a minor role in the emergence of such beliefs, and […]

The Scotch Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. His image is found everywhere, barrettes and bows, backpacks, socks, sweaters, table cloths, advertising various services and goods and so on.

Below is a selection of charming miniature dogs, crocheted. This dog can be a great souvenir, a talisman, a gift to your loved one and favorite toy of a child or collector.

Patterdale Terrier is a type of working Terrier, and is mainly used for hunting. This breed originated in Northern England, was originally known as black and tan Terrier. They were popularized in the early 1950s, thanks to the efforts of Bray and Cyril Frank buck from Leyburn in Yorkshire. Pedigree developed and further improved by breeder Brian Nuttella.

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier was created on the basis of the gene pool of dogs that were used on the borders of Scotland and England, in Chevoit hills in the 1600s to hunt badgers, rabbits and otters. However, this breed became known thanks to the success in catching pests, such as rats. The breed was first mentioned in a novel by sir Walter Scott’s “guy Mannering, or the Astrologer”. […]

At the moment he is wanted In Hong Kong, animal lovers are outraged and demand justice for a small, white dog that is bathed inside a washing machine. Irresponsible pet owner, named Jack Lo, boasted on his page on Facebook and told me that he would bathe your pet in a washing machine. The person posted the image on their page […]

They were originally bred as watchdogs, reliable and love animals, Staffordshire bull Terriers combines strength of character with tenderness and a great sense of humor. They are friendly companions with who don’t mind a joke, which is rare for the dog world, always ready to play or dawdle. They have a lot of energy, but it can adapt to the content of their […]

The Cesky Terrier is an animal of medium size. It is similar to the Sealyham Terrier. Wedge-shaped head is about 17-20 cm long and 7-10 cm wide, with thick beautiful hair, mustache and eyebrows. The nose can be black, gray or brown. The teeth meet in a direct bite or scissors bite. Tail length 17-20 cm Medium size and almond shaped […]

At the peak of his popularity, Russian toy Terriers were companions of aristocrats and fine ladies in the Russian Empire. These are noble little dogs who like to sit on your lap and to listen carefully to the conversations. But they are also very playful and need lots of entertainment and short walks. They are well balanced, and hardy dog, especially considering their small […]

-You have a dog of combative breed? -No. The dog from the Terrier group. Classification-companion dog. Today on the radio said that fighting dogs killed the owner. -And your son is how old? Eighteen. Yesterday on NTV showed how 18 year-olds robbed and killed a taxi driver. -And how is my son? -What’s my dog?

One of the most popular small breeds of decorative dogs, today is Yorkshire Terrier. This is not surprising because the British managed to bring proportion to a folded dog with a beautiful coat and docile nature, which can become a perfect pet.

In the yard in late autumn, the weather is periodically pleases us Sunny days, but we understand that in the mornings and evenings, at the most appropriate times to walk already cool enough and our little friends, especially the owners of short wool becomes cool and they have all the chances to catch a cold. For what would the dog look fashionable and the most important thing for the hosts […]

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