The description of Guinea pig skinny

Skinny (Skinny) is one of the most exotic species of Guinea pigs, they are widespread in captivity and are ideal for families with children because care for them, even little ones. Natural color pet brown-grey, abdomen lighter. The coat is missing, only on the head, shoulders and legs of the animal there is a small curly woolen cover. The body length of pigs up to 35 centimeters. It is a decorative variant, derived as a result of laboratory experiments and subsequent selection.

This is a muscular and well-fed animal, the head is of medium size, oval, with a wide front part. The head of males has a more rough shape than females. The rounded nose, large, gently curved profile. The eyes of a rodent round shape, convex and large, the color should match the main color. Ears widely spaced, slightly tilted forward, in the center there is a small wave.

The neck is short, thick, broad chest, well-developed, undesirable narrow shoulders and ill-developed thorax. Back straight, broad, without humping or sagging. The croup is rounded, smooth legs, no sign of clubfoot or curvature. Fingers not loose, very mobile, they piggy derivedform and moves quickly. Even the hairless Guinea pigs have a rare bloom, so skinny jeans is very pleasant to the touch.

A few words about the history of skinny jeans

In the USA skinny jeans are still not recognized as a separate breed, but, nevertheless, its admirers in these rodents. They are very quiet, don’t require a lot of care, kindly refer to all members of the family, and even exotic appearance is only an advantage.

For the first time this species of Guinea pigs has been bred in laboratories to canadian researchers. On court of experts skinny jeans were introduced in 1976, then over breeding of this breed worked as the laboratory staff Charles Reverse. At that stage, was launched only one color – white with red eyes. For many years breeders crossed mosrkogo pigs and achieved diversity: there are rodents of brown and pink.

Breeders are still working on creating a breed to strengthen the gene pool of Guinea pigs. Skinny can not boast of excellent health, so fans are constantly crossed them with other breeds. Gene skinny – recessive: when you cross a pig of this breed with wool kind, the offspring will have hard twisted wool, but wear Skinny gene. During subsequent matings obtained 50% bare offspring and 50% of the woolly pigs.

Interesting about skinny jeans

In the English translation of “skinny” means “bones yeah the skin”;

This is one of the most exotic and popular breeds of Guinea pigs. The name skinny jeans is not quite true: these Pets are not skinny because they eat 3 times more than their woolly counterparts, to maintain a constant body temperature;

Until the 19th century the Guinea pig was very expensive and to afford to buy them could only wealthy people, now skinny jeans can be bought from many breeders;

Skinny pigs do not cause allergic reactions and have little or no odor;

– Touch leather skinny elastic rubber reminds velvety and very pleasant.

The maintenance and care of skinny

Skinny jeans almost don’t have any hair, so it’s important to equip them for comfortable and cozy house. To touch the skin of the pig seems to be almost hot, because the body temperature of rodents around 38 degrees. But, nevertheless, these Pets are very sensitive to temperature changes, so better to keep them not in the outdoor cage, and in the terrarium. Occasionally a Guinea pig can be released to walk on the carpet or on the sofa. Skinny eat a lot, because they need to maintain the natural body temperature, but to overfeed the animal, because they are prone to obesity, so in advance, set a feeding schedule and stick to it strictly.

A Guinea pig will be a great friend and companion for child or adult, you take care of it is not so difficult. Creating a terrarium for family pet, you need to put the tray of opaque and transparent plastic walls. Served terrarium metal bars, removing that, you can easily get the pet out of the terrarium. On a tray sprinkled a layer of fresh sawdust should be changed once a week. Sawdust should not be too small, otherwise they can cause small wounds on the skin of the animal. Every few months the terrarium preferably disinfected, the animal always should be fresh water and balanced nutrition.

As for diet, the best option is 60% hay, 20% of succulent feeds and 20% solid food. Hay Pets need to definitely give, it must be fresh, sometimes you can give syrodelny granulated cake. Mixed grain is a source of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and amino acids. You can purchase grain mixes, and ready meals, which are mixed immediately before use. Pigs are useful oats, wheat, barley, maize, peas, sunflower. As treats you can give crispy cookies, crackers, nuts, pieces of dried apples or rose hips.

Succulent feed is dandelion, clover, nettle, plantain, wheat grass, useful also lettuce, beets, corn, celery, spinach, cabbage. It is desirable to give the pigs and twigs of fruit trees, which they will grind off the teeth. Let’s pet the melon, pumpkin, tomato, sweet pepper, carrot, Apple or beet. In feed you can add vitamins, chalk, salt.

Be careful and do not let your pet while walking to climb to the altitude – even a downfall out lower height can be the cause of death as a rupture of the intestines. Also pigs should not starve after 2 days of hunger strike the animal in the body can begin irreversible processes.

Regularly trim the animal’s nails, clean the ears from dust and dirt, rinse the eyes swab dipped in water. Bathe the pigs rarely, mostly clean animals.

Breeding skinny

With breeding Guinea pigs even for inexperienced breeders problems should arise, as they are renowned for their fecundity. Females reach sexual maturity at 7-8 weeks, males a little later – in 8-12 weeks. In this age it is still early to mating, the optimal time – when the female turns 5 months and the male is 6-7 months.

Guinea pig-producers should be energetic, strong and healthy. In the period of mating increase the foods rich in vitamins E, D, C, b, A. When the content of a monogamous pair of cavies becomes inseparable, they are friendly to their offspring and do not show aggression. If several females, they will have to transplant with the development of pregnancy, so other individuals are not trampled infants. Not in mating season to overfeed animals, it can lead to obesity and abnormal fertilization. To breed Guinea pigs at any time of the year. The skinny pregnancy lasts approximately 64 to 65 days, depending on the size of the litter.

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