The diet of puppy from 1 month to 1 year

At the age of 2 to 3 months puppies are fed 6 times a day. In the past the country it is desirable to include meat.

At 2-3 months of age the puppies are fed 5 times a day.

At 3-4 months of age to 4 times.

At 4-10 months of age 3 times.

With 10 months to 2 times.

Adult dogs, especially in the hot season, being fed once a day at night.

For example, the daily routine of feeding and diet for 1-2-month-old puppy medium breed:

– 200 ml of boiled or sour milk (kefir, yogurt).

– oat flakes “Hercules”, steamed milk, or milk porridge – about 200 ml.

– flakes “Hercules”, steamed meat broth, 200 g.

– vegetable puree with a few drops of sunflower oil.

meat, cut into small pieces, or mince – 100-150 g

If you need to leave, and perfect the process of giving feeds for 1-2 feedings, leave in the bowl for more meat and cheese into small pieces and pour into a bowl of fresh water. Although a little puppy is not recommended to keep one for a long time.

Good effect Supplement from sea Kale (pre-chopped):

1-2-month-old puppies – 1/4 teaspoon;

2-3 month old puppies – 1/3 teaspoon;

3-4 month old puppies – 1/2 teaspoon;

adult dogs – 1 teaspoon per day.

Rybnyi minced meat dogs to digest poor, so it’s best with months of age to accustom puppies to eating meat in the form of chopped and chipped pieces.

Make sure that the puppy did not overeat: food should be eaten “italis”. However, if after eating the puppy behaves uneasily, whimpers, continuing to lick the bowl – portion should be increased. If the belly of the puppy after feeding heavily inflated, you need to reduce the amount of servings, but to increase the number of feedings.

The larger breed puppies with heavy bone in the growth period it is necessary to enrich the diet with proteins . Puppy dogs, which is scheduled to take heavy (including military) activities include eating raw meat and fresh beef and lamb with blood from the slaughterhouse (if possible) or drugs type of Hematogen.

Adult dogs of medium-sized dimensions, not employed the use of body load, can be fed leftovers from the table products, preventing the ingress of fish and bird bones, spices, too sweet, salty or overcooked food.

Bones dogs can be given all except bird, thin, tubular and fish. It is also impossible to give bone fragments – they hurt mouth and can become lodged in the throat of the animal. From bird bones should be cut with pruning shears and give the dog a mild articular end, not touching the tubular part (it should be discarded, eliminating the possibility of access for dogs to such waste). Remember – bird tubular bones in case of a cracking split into thin sharp plates, which can not only cause serious injury, even death to dogs!

The nutrients contained in fish bones, can also be used. For example, the large bone of the ridge, separated from fine and thin, you can skip through a meat grinder, make sure the lack of needles, to give the dog as feeding. Softened bones of the fish, from a can or cooked in a pressure cooker, you can give the dog without fear. All the bones it is better to give raw, not cooked.

The temperature of the feed should be tightly controlled, particularly for commercial dog – there is a danger of “brew” scent and actually cause the dog serious injury – the food should be neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm – such that its temperature quietly took your hand.

Dog it is advisable to feed in a special place, from the same utensils – bowls (tank) with a capacity of about 2 litres (for medium dogs), made of aluminum or plastic. The base of the bowl should be broad, precluding rollover. For tall dogs, it is desirable to provide a special stool.

From time to time need to feed the dog, holding the bowl with food in hands: the dog should not be jealous of the owner to poor. However, it should not be accustomed to exclusive feeding from hand. Craziness, from the earliest days to the owner and also the family members, who will feed the dog, you need to regularly intervene in the process of feeding, pressing the dog to the first requirement gave man, even the most delicious piece or bone. This is necessary so that you can, if the need arises to take your pet suddenly caught him in a bowl or in the mouth dangerous thing, object or spoiled product.

This is done as follows: while feeding the command: “Yuck! Give!” with enclosed the dog name. Then the piece is taken, but instead immediately offered a new, much more delicious (sausage or cheese, for example). Pretty quickly the dog will develop a conditioned reflex and she is always willing to drop any piece, hoping to get something even more delicious. But remember: the conditioned reflex should be regularly reinforced, otherwise it will fade away, and the dog will not listen. And do not try to develop such skill in adult dogs with a dominant food reaction can be bitten! To start developing this skill need only from puppyhood!

Feed the dog when all family members or have already eaten, or have not sat at the table. In any case, do not feed your dog from the table. Puppy dog, lovely table pieces is one thing, brazen adult dog, even of large size, which climbs the face on the table, pushing all his paws, demanding treats, caresses and Drools all over the kitchen. Leftover food from the table better be put into a separate bowl and disassembled (removing the unnecessary), to give the dog, adding in her main feed.

If you only feed your dog leftovers from the table, gathered food waste mix into a homogeneous mass, add warm water or warm soup, crumble some treats (leftover sausage, slices of canned fish and the rest of the fill from such preserves, etc.) and put in a bowl.

Do not give your dog sausage shells, crusts of cheese (it is a paraffin – it is not poisonous, but not right in the body), do not mix in the dogs bowl the remains of the first and second courses with tea and sweet residues. In any case, don’t feed your dog sweets and don’t give her the gum! Not poite dog concentrated juices and drinks. Make sure that food waste is dangerous and harmful substances were not available for them.

For enrichment of vitamin range food dogs should not be given more raw meats and fish (but only the sea and not the river from possible contamination by the worms!)

Other types of protein are the most important dairy products and cheese. Moreover, preferably from dairy products, even milk, because fresh milk the puppy may have digestive problems. Puppies should be calcinated curd (this is the main source of easily digestible calcium).

The recipe for preparing calcined curd

In 1 liter of boiling milk add 2 tablespoons of 10% calcium chloride coagulated the curd drain in a sieve, cool and give your puppy. The remaining serum can also give the puppy or to be used for cooking porridges. With calzinirovnie curd alternates regular, bold. And six months of age you can proceed exclusively on fat curd or cottage cheese with honey.

One or two times a week, you should give your puppy a clove of finely minced garlic, hidden in a piece of butter. Garlic is rich in vitamins product and excellent anthelmintic (anthelminthic) is a natural cleanser.

Feeding time the dog must take 10-15 minutes, after which the feeder is removed, is washed thoroughly with hot water and dried. Half-eaten food (except bone) the dog is not left.

If the dog refuses to feed is the first signal CE of a possible disease. In case of repeated failure need to think about contacting the vet.

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