The Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a symbol of power and strength together with grace and elegance. A distinctive feature of the Bobtail cat has a short tail. Due to the fluffy fur he looks like a fun pompom, but actually consists of bends, creases or spirals of various shapes. Most often this strange tail sticking up or bent, as in mongrels.

The cat belongs to the Oriental type cats. Very similar to the Oriental cats. Representatives have flexible and slim body with long fluffy tail. The coat, without undercoat of medium length, smooth and soft to the touch. Despite elegantly slim leg, they are quite strong and long. Foot of small size, rounded shape.

The eyes are mostly blue or green. But the color meets the most different: cream color, tabby, smoke and others. The nature of cats characteristics of curiosity and sociability, do not conflict with other animals.

Exotic Shorthair cat breed can boast a rich and long history – they live in palaces and served as a luxury item for high-ranking persons. Such cats are called “Persians for the lazy”. But an exotic breed perfectly fits in the modern dynamic rhythm of life, as not all have enough time to care long hair. Today, this breed is very popular not only because of the round shapes,thick furry coat and a puppet appearance, but also because of the strong and independent character.

The first known Scottish fold kitten was found in 1961 by William Ross on a farm near Cupar – Angus in Tayside, in Scotland. The owner Ross acquired a single white kitten. This white kid and became the ancestor of the new breed. Unique appearance, resembling the little owl, was in her ears, hanging down. The exhibition status of the breed was in 1978, but was not very long standard. Since cats of this breed have participated in exhibitions, in 1993, adopted a standard that corresponds to the standard short-haired folds.

Chartress – attractive large cat with big paws, and excellent reflexes. Their fur has a bluish tint, piercing and expressive eyes are copper and gold. Cats ears are upright, which explains their relatively good mental faculties and constant watchfulness. In cats Chartreuse has one unique ability. For elongated faces, they seem to be smiling, why also known as the “smiling cat”. These cats are excellent hunters.

Many are concerned about the origin of this breed. It is believed that these cats were bred to Le Grande Chartreuse, the monastery located in the French Alps. The breed was developed by monks in their spare time. A quiet voice cat of the Chartreuse monks explained by reluctance to be disturbed during meditation – this is why cats rarely meow Chartreuse and quiet.

If you are going to have such a cat, you should remember some important points. The most important thing: be prepared to take care of her. If you have other animals, try to learn the reaction of the cats to their presence. Although cats breed Chartreuse do not require special care, you need to understand their needs and provide appropriate care.

Ural Rex belongs to the group of long-haired cats. As a pilot, she, in 1991, was described by O. Mironova. Cats belonging to this native Russian breed, are known for their large physique. Moreover, in contrast to the Cornish or German Rex their hair wavy, length varies from short to medium. Despite rather modest dimensions, the body of the cat is muscular, rounded, long and strong neck that holds a small muzzle, no prominent chin and convoluted with the vibrissa. And the muzzle is crowned with ears of medium size, and correspondingly broad at the base and rounded at the ends. The tail is not very long, slim and straight, legs average length, with soft, oval paws. As has been said before: the fur of the representatives of the Ural Rex curls covering the body is short, but dense cover (although there may be animals with slightly longer hair). In hair color and eye color restrictions.

In Eastern Turkey there is a mystical lake van, which is one of the largest endorheic lakes in the world. Just Turkish van hails from the mountainous terrain surrounding the lake. Originally this breed was known as the Turkish cat, but later the name was changed to Turkish van cat to make it easier to distinguish it from Turkish Angora cats, who hails from Ankara.

Turkish Angora – beautiful, elegant creation originating from Turkey. Today purebred Angora cats can be found in many countries around the world.

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