The most expensive Pets

Some people don’t have enough to make a simple house cat or dog, I want something unusual, exotic. Such people can easily make a home of a crocodile and walk with him in the morning for a run But how much is all this luxury and what Pets are the most expensive at the moment? You will find the answers in this article)

About where people can bring their whims on choosing a pet, you can read the article The strangest Pets. here we will focus on the most expensive and exotic legal animals)

So, the most “cheap” pet on our list is the domestic Bengal cat, the price of which can vary from $ 800 to 3 thousand

This breed was developed in the 60s of the XX century by American Jane mill, who decided to cross a wild Bengal cat with black cat, whereby there is a cute calico kitten

By prolonged labors the American managed to get a stable breed, the representative of which is a Bengal, lagging behind the wild ancestor of 4 or more generations

Because of stains it is often called Leopard cat, with the leopard though she is not genetically linked)

If You would like to have a home Japanese macacu. the cost of this pleasure minimum $3 500

This is the most Northern in the world of the monkey, which is also called the Northern macaques

Animals thrive under ?5 °C warming in hot springs in Northern Japan)

Although Japanese macaques and listed in the Red book, they still can legally buy for the house, but this requires special permission

Another monkey is on our list already worth $4 000. This squirrel, or they just Squirrel monkey

This little Primate length not exceeding 35 cm (+40 cm tail) popular in the first place, thanks to its friendliness

The muzzle and ears of squirrel monkeys covered with short white hair, looks like some kind of makeup)

Even more money will have to pay someone who wants to have a home Chinese crested hairless dog) Is a long name here)) Well, but the cost is short — just 4-5 thousand dollars)

Such cost due to the extreme rarity of this dog, but she is one of the most friendly breeds

Walk it crested the miracle carefully, as due to the lack of the coat, the dog could easily get sunburn

Even more is to get houses a cat breed Savannah. The price of this semi-wild animal ranges from 4 to 10 thousand dollars

This is one of the highest domestic cats, however, she is very thin, which allows it to look heavier than you actually are

Savannah also features a long snout, big ears and a leopard colour. It can be walked like a dog on a leash and even play “throw-fetch” =)

The Savannah breed has been bred recently, only in the end of the last century, and officially it was registered already in this century, in 2001)

An interesting feature of this cat is its complete loyalty to the dogs) If they not touch her, she even will not pay attention, even if the bark will be) But one of the dog to cross the line — I don’t envy her… With such an opponent even with fighting breeds of dogs have very little chance… a cat with character))

The next animal on our list — the Mona monkey, or monkey Campbell, named after the researcher who found it in West Africa. Is this the monkey from $6 000

The main feature of this monkey is its ability to adapt to almost any environment

The more expensive Primate — monkey Brazza, also named after a traveler who discovered this species) For the ownership of the animal will have to pay 7 to 10 thousand dollars

The second name of this monkey Swamp monkey, because it was found in swampy forests of Central Africa

A distinctive feature of the monkeys is Brazza white beard and yellow-gray fur

In most cases, from the playful friendly baby grows evil the primacy unpredictable, so very popular these monkeys do not enjoy, except those who do not know about the traits of adult individuals)

The more expensive a pet is different from all previous themes that he has no arms, no legs, no legs) No, it’s not a mutant, no, normal Python belt round =) the Cost of such living “rope” starts from $10 000

Striped Royal Python — is an exclusive subspecies of the usual round of Python, from which it is distinguished by clearly delineated black lines yellow stripe from head to tail. This painting has round pythons is extremely rare, hence the price)

For comparison here is a normal Royal Python

Next in our list of most expensive Pets Hyacinth macaw is the largest parrot in the world, reaching one meter in length! Read more about parrots you can learn from the article “Parrots are intelligent birds ”

The name of my parrot got the bright blue plumage. Hyacinth macaw found in the rainforests of South America, and the emergence of exotic birds in the U.S. market caused quite a stir — almost every second could have such a home bird) it is not Surprising that the prices literally soared from the initial $6 500 to $12 000!

Only here purchasing such a pet should not forget that his beak he easily breaks the coconut shell, so handle it carefully

The three “leaders” opens Tiger Python-albino, which starts at $15 000

Such price due to the rarity of this snake, though, despite the rarity of tiger Python-albino is one of the most well-known and popular reptiles in the world! By the way, I advise you to read about albinism. this is quite an interesting phenomenon =)

Python can grow in length as 2.5 meters, and up to 8, so please be comprehensive of the terrarium if you want to have a home such a pet))

In second place was clowning fun rides and chimpanzees) to be honest, I fell into a stupor when he learned that the cost of this “friend” is over $65 000

What do we know about chimpanzees? In addition, they are a little like us, they yell, grimace, and throw different things)) But actually few people know that chimpanzees have been found in the tropical forests of Central and West Africa, and not in a zoo, as many think =)

Today has not subsided even the scientists debate about whether chimpanzees some proprietary language or not. Ridiculous argument of course, but you never know) Although it seems to me that there is no language, none of the characters on the basis of which chimpanzees react differently to a particular sound “tribesmen”. But it’s not for me to judge =)

Well, we’ve finally got to the most expensive pet in the world) so if You have an extra 138 thousand dollars — You can make a home of this White tiger !

In fact, it is a common Bengal tiger is an albino, but due to the fact that so little remained, and the phenomenon of albinism is very rare — hence the price is exorbitant

Sometimes when crossing White tigers are born completely white animals tigers without stripes — and it is very much appreciated among fans of rarity, but, unfortunately, I have no information on the cost of such an animal

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