The most unusual Pets

We have long been accustomed to the fact that many people have as Pets unusual exotic animals. That’s why snakes, tarantulas and even a crocodile is no surprise. But there are those who shares his home not just with the exotic, and even dangerous animals, not used to living in captivity.

1. The First to domesticate anteater the anteater decided Salvador Dali. It happened in 1969, and that’s when the whole public was in shock when I saw Dali, strolling around Paris with your pet. Since then, many tried to settle in his house is a strange animal. Here only not all know that for the maintenance in captivity of anteater, you must adhere to certain rules. For example, to maintain a certain temperature in the room to shred the food for the animal and in any case his way. Those who decide to play on the nerves that cute at the first sight of the animal, will get an unpleasant smell, which emits anteater, sensing the danger.

2. Snail Pets Such as snails, is no surprise. Despite the fact that many perceive them only as a delicacy, there are those who find in them friends and Pets. The popularity of snails as Pets due to the fact that they are very low maintenance and if you have not come indefinitely, you can safely leave the snail alone, not caring about taking care of her. In your absence, it just gets into your house and fall asleep. For the allow the computer to Wake her up, just put the snail in warm water.

3. Raccoon the Raccoon is a predator, therefore you should think twice before you let him in your house. Especially unsafe to have a raccoon if the house already has Pets. In the struggle for attention raccoons can hurt competitors, and growing up, they are able to attack even the owner, using sharp teeth and claws.

4. Iguana Iguana has long been a favorite home for many Pets. Tamed iguanas sit quietly on the shoulder of the owner, allow yourself to caress and take food right out of hand. One of the fans of these lizards is Henry Simberg, in whose house lives about 50 iguanas. Glory to Shitberg brought a photography Project where iguanas are presented for the usual classes. That’s just to piss off or scare these lizards, as they can severely bite.

5. Bear Not everyone will be decided on friendship with the bear, but Casey Anderson decided. It all began about 10 years ago, when Casey decided to take care of a newborn bear. Now this bear, named Brutus, weighs 360 pounds, and he loves his best friend. Brutus and Casey became such good friends that the bear even acted as best man at the wedding of the man.

6. Hippo in the Spring of 2000, after a flood, Tony and Shirley Joubert from South Africa found on the banks of the Limpopo newborn Hippo. He was not only hungry, but also crippled, so without human intervention it is unlikely to be survived. Family Joubert decided to take a little Hippo and to nurture it. Soon Jessica became a full-fledged member of the family and even slept in the house with the others. When the Hippo grew up, Tony and Shirley moved her to the street, equipping her cozy corner in the yard. And while Jessica rabbit was never locked, and she was free to go swimming in Limpopo, she always returns to where her love and wait.

7. The capybara the Capybara is semi-aquatic herbivorous mammals. For the first time Melanie Typaldos from Texas saw this large rodent when vacationing in Venezuela. It was then that she decided to buy a capybara as a pet and never regretted his decision. Today Harry lives in the house of Melanie, where he feels the real master.

8. The axolotl Want to impress your friends and acquaintances? Then be sure to place at home an aquarium with such exotic animals like the axolotl. The name of the larva of Mexican Salamander. By the way, this creature all his life to remain in the larval stage that does not prevent him to eat, grow and even multiply. But it is possible that coming home one day, you will find in the aquarium ambystoma, which will become the axolotl.

9. Ocelot Ocelots are small wild cats that live in the tropical forests of North and Central America. Lovers of exotic animals have long been domesticated ocelots and made them Pets. To tame ocelot, separated from his mother even before he opens his eyes.

10. The Armadillo Is an exotic animal from Latin America has a sweet nature that allows you to keep armadillos as Pets. However, if you decide to have a battleship, you should know that it requires special conditions for maintenance.

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