The most unusual Pets

For many centuries people seeking to domesticate a variety of animal species. Some of them were able to get along with people and even to feel for him affection. But other animals will never be able to live with a man, not what is in his house. However, some people, it does not stop, and they are again and again surprised the world with their “household” Pets.

The most unusual Pets

Exotic animals, like the crocodile . not so rare. Crocodiles as Pets, are the most popular in the United States and African countries. Young crocodiles are kept in large aquariums, and then move to the pool. However, there are cases of crocodile existence of “love” in the form of bites and broken bones from the owners.

The most unusual Pets reptiles

Iguanas are a much safer animals than crocodiles. Perhaps that is why they have become so popular around the world among fans of the exotic at home. And because iguanas – available large reptiles. you can buy them in almost any major city in the world. However, few owners bother to read the nature of this animal, so the mortality rate among pet iguana is quite high. It is also worth noting that the iguana is an expensive animal and buying, and content.

The most unusual Pets

People are trying to tame even beavers . although not actionate why. Probably, in order to observe how these animals build a dam, we can say, under the Windows of the farmhouse. Beavers do not live with the owners in the house, they are building a special enclosure, which includes part of the river. All content is to maintain the conditions close to natural, and the feeding of a beaver.

The most unusual Pets

One of the strangest “pet” animals – the Fox . Strange not so much because the animal is still wild, but as much because it’s scientifically proven that foxes are not attached to people. Fox, which now can be purchased for maintenance at home, the habits remind you of dogs. they are friendly to people, but no more. If you release them into the wild, they’ll quickly recover their natural behavior.

The most unusual Pets

Wild cats of the house. People of different countries trying to make Pets of tigers. Lviv. servals. reed cats. leopards. cheetahs. pumas and other felids. However, cute and funny kittens quickly grow into big cats and playing with them become dangerous. Animals, grown people, very often don’t realize their size and strength, so often injure the owners, naively believing that the wild cat will become tame.

The most unusual Pets planet

Kama is a little cute camel with a sweet, kind disposition. This animal derived people in Dubai in the near 1998, by crossing a llama and DROMEDARY. Animals-hybrids have short, thick, pleasant to touch wool, and they are hardy and strong. Due to these characteristics, Kama quickly gained popularity around the world.

The most unusual Pets dogs

The domestication of the wolf in a far-distant past has led to the emergence near the person dogs, and modern experiments (20-21 century) lander of Carlos, and after his death, and his wife and daughter, led to the emergence of a new species, named the Creator – wolf karlovska dog . Carlos crossed the Russian wolf and German shepherd. Through a long process of breeding he managed to get the animal, like the wolf, both externally and habits, but willingly acknowledge the leader of the person. Saarloos wolfhond the best in the world security, guard, rescue dogs and the most expensive, of course.

The most unusual Pets planet

“Raccoon – pet American” – to tell the truth, it sounds strange, because the raccoon in the house is just a disaster, and U.S. residents know this from experience. Difficult but racoon attracted people from 50 States and raccoon Kinkajou, or, as the Indians, kinkajou . It is very popular, along with iguanas and lemurs. However, few owners think that these animals are still wild by nature, and can, after many years together with a person’s life, seriously injure the owner.

The most unusual Pets reptiles snakes

Snakes are one of the first exotic animals that people brought to his house. As a rule, contain them in the cage or the pool (water snakes). The zoo market has now sufficiently wide range of snakes of various kinds. To keep these reptiles is not easy, and they are not cheap.

The most unusual Pets

Since 1984, in China you can hire anybody else but an endangered species – the Panda . To make “homemade” bamboo bear can be 10 years, paying rent in the amount of 10 million dollars (1 million per year). But if the tenant pandas will decide to do its very complex breeding, all animals born he will be required to register as a property of China.

In different parts of the world people lead in your home of different wild animals. But tame doesn’t mean to domesticate. Today, we know many cases causing injury and even death to people, “household” Pets. Primarily, the fault in such cases lies not with the animals, and the people who committed it because of their carelessness, Zoological ignorance and overconfidence. Besides for the content of unusual animals, whether great bear or the little praying mantis. you will have to pay a lot of money.

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