Treatment and care of Pets

If you have a pet, then you certainly know that even the smallest hamster, the quiet turtle require a lot of attention, care and care. Especially difficult to have Pets when they are ill. Sometimes it happens that the owner of the animal for various reasons is not able to properly monitor and care for your pet. For such owners, the best option is a vet for animals.rinary clinic animal EMERGENCY room is an intensive care unit are placed in patients requiring continuous observation and treatment.

The features and advantages of inpatient treatment

Treatment allowed in stationare significantly more efficient than the most careful home care for a sick animal. In addition, in case of need for surgery Pets will be provided with such postoperative support in the home is simply impossible. Surveillance 24/7, intensive therapy, monitoring of welds, the required adjustment of treatment at any stage – all this is possible only in a hospital environment, this will allow the animal to recover faster and return to normal life.

Inpatient treatment will be poleznoe animals that just had surgery, and Pets who are not lucky enough become seriously ill. The unstable condition of such animals and causes an acute need for skilled care professionals. Veterinary doctor, constantly watching over the patients will be able to notice the slightest changes in the condition of your pet and take the necessary steps to improve it. In addition, a hospital stay will not be superfluous to animals who need diagnostic procedures. For example, the vet will need to host of glucose level or hormone.

Inpatient treatment involves living animals in separate cages, and constant supervision and care from qualified professionals of the hotel for animals. Feeding, medication and any other treatments are carried out only with the permission of the veterinarian. Replacing the litter regularly conducted, and if necessary, you can exercise and prevention activities, for example, treatment for worms or fleas. Owners can visit their Pets, checking it with a vet.

It is worth to say about the day hospital, which houses animals that need the regular manipulation: remedial procedures, infusions, injections, etc. during the day, carried out all the necessary procedures, and in the evening the owner has the opportunity to take the pet home.

Which animal needs the hospital

Veterinarians advise not to delay the registration of the animal to the hospital if:

• Pet has just had surgery and needs postoperative care; • the condition of the animal is assessed as severe, and your pet needs urgent care specialists; • the pet has been diagnosed diabetes mellitus and for its treatment it is necessary to choose medicines; • Pet is injured, the recovery from which in the home; • the Animal has passed the procedure of castration or sterilization and in need of complete recovery from anesthesia.

Our hospital for Pets complies with all accepted norms and quality standards. Few veterinary clinics in Nizhny Novgorod can boast of modern equipment, tested drugs and competent doctors. We care about the health of each pet, therefore, all patients are accommodated in separate boxes, not contacting each other. You can rest assured that your four-legged friend will receive the necessary care and treatment.

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