What animal to have in an apartment?

Pets – this is an extraordinary happiness that is experienced by each owner of a hamster, cat or dog. Quite a few wish to have an animal at home, but the choice is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. After all, Pets are fundamentally different to each other and have one common denominator – they are kept in the house.

So let’s see what animal will suit You more, and for this – let’s describe the nuances of each.

Cats are the most common Pets. Since ancient times, they lived under the same roof with the person, because cats can catch the mice that had caused irreparable harm to the economy: stealing grain, spoiled flour and other products.

Now cat’s breed performs more decorative function, rather than useful. Caring for cats does not cause much problems to the owners, so the cat can be found in almost every other apartment or house. Cats are pretty clean, so any problems with dirt You will have if You train your kitty to the place where you can pee and about what you can to sharpen your claws.

However, with the advent of the cat in the apartment,there is a new smell that not everyone likes. In addition, the cat, like any living creature, must feed daily, the feed may require less than, for example, a large breed, but still it costs money. Therefore, if the choice of a pet will be in favor of the cat, find out more about how much it costs care and maintenance, as well as learn, who do not suffer from pet allergies to litter wool.

The nature of the cat depends on the breed, so in advance read the article about how to choose a kitten. Most cats are skittish and sometimes has to adjust them because the training they practically are not subject. Cats are more suitable for creative people, with a sweet temper.

Also one of the most popular Pets. The dog is a faithful friend, protector and soul mate. A dog can be considered another member of the family, as it (depending on breed) can size and weight to catch up with their owners, eating also a lot, and sometimes more than one family member. Each dog has its own place, its own Cup, its food and its schedule of walks. What is not a family member?!

However, before purchasing, You need ten times to think over your decision (preferably twenty), as the education. feeding and caring for a dog takes a lot of time, effort, nerves and money. A dog requires a minimum of 2 times a day to walk, and needs with early childhood teaching teams to understand what is and what is not. And, to educate this pet is not given to everyone, You will likely need a lot of literature to read, to understand basic things in training. And we recommend starting with our article: how to raise a dog .

Before buying a dog You should get to know the list of available dog breeds and find the most suitable for You, and you should choose based not only on appearance, but on character, which mainly depends on the breed of the pet. In addition, dogs are divided into the following groups: utility, hunting, herding, house-decorative, Terriers, greyhounds, dachshunds. You don’t have to torture yourself and the dog, so realistically assess the situation, whether the dog is comfortable with You or Vice versa.

Who should get a dog:

youth (because dogs love active lifestyle);

lonely people (because dogs are very loyal);

people who love an active lifestyle.

If you want to have in the house and a cat and a dog, it is in principle possible, but before that we recommend you to read the article – why dogs don’t like cats .

If after reflection You still desire to purchase a pet, then go ahead and buy it, as it will bring You very much joy and happiness. What kind of dog to have in the apartment. read our following article.

Parrot or Canary

Birds are the most funny and good Pets. With them is never boring. If you love bird’s singing, the Canary will be just the bird, which You so long dreamed of. Parrots are not capable of singing, but among them are those species that are able to repeat human speech.

Despite the seeming simplicity of caring for birds, birds also require serious attention, although of course, much smaller than the dog.

The most common are the budgies – they are small, but very interesting, some virtuosos even manage to train them. Parrots for those people who want to have a pet, needing minimal care, because they live in a cage. The owners should be more sanguine (cheerful) people than the melancholic (sad constantly), as the latter chirping will be annoying.

Fish is a fairly unusual Pets, most of which serve a decorative or collectible feature. After all, a beautiful and rare fish in the original aquarium is a beautiful decor item in the house.

But we should not think that they are easy to care for, because to change the water in the aquarium, even once a month is quite a troublesome task. Also, remember that in addition to buying the fish themselves You will be spending money on an aquarium, decor and equipment.

Rodent (hamster, rat, Guinea pig, etc.)

Rodents – cute animals that do not require much attention. They are economical in terms of content and do not deliver such a hassle as cats and dogs. As for me, they are at the level of the birds for maintenance and care.

However, before purchasing, be sure to ask permission from other family members on the purchase of such a pet, as they are quite choosy in the content and, if they are right not to care, but the smell in the apartment would not be very pleasant.

If You have speculated on what animal to choose for their children. the rodents are an excellent option. Often, the hamsters and the rats are the first animals that appear in children. For adults too, perfect with rodents, if they feel constant lack of time in the proper care of cats or dogs.

Turtles, snakes, iguanas and even crocodiles are exotic animals that have become very popular in the form of a pet. This choice is better to make people who want to stand out from the crowd. But here you should clearly assess your chances of proper maintenance, feeding and care. In addition, those snakes are very dangerous, so choose them very carefully, examining while at first their appearance and features. Ask the seller how they contain it in the store, but better take him the phone number for consultations.

At home, unfortunately, exotic animals don’t live long because they do not receive proper care and freedom. So be prepared for a sudden death pet.

That’s it! We wish You successful purchase and understanding with the acquired pet!

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