What diet should be month old puppy?

Proper nutrition for a dog of any age is very important for her health and active life. If feeding an adult dog, sometimes, don’t be concerned, nutrition month the baby must meet certain requirements. It is important to remember that complete and balanced ration, most importantly, for the growth and development of a puppy of any breed. What to feed a puppy 1 month?

The basic rules of the daily diet

Food puppies of large breeds should be more intense than for puppies of small breeds.

How many times to feed a puppy? Puppies of all breeds aged 1 to 2 months need to feed every 3 hours. Gradually the number of feedings is reduced, in 3 months the puppy should eat 5-6 times a day, from 6 months of age — 4 times a day, with 7 — 8 months feed the puppy 3 times a day, after a year the dogs offer half feeding.

Each serving of food must contain the volume of products according to the size of the baby.

In accordance with the age of the puppy, the portion increases.

In the diet of toddlers definitely need to include meat, dairy and vegetable dishes.

Undesirable puppies under the age of 3 months to feed dry food. If dry feeding is necessary, feed need to buy specially for month puppies.

What to feed a puppy?

Since dogs, by nature, carnivores, so since the small age they need meat and fish products. Meat is very rich in vital energy, which is so necessary for a growing organism. In addition, meat and fish dishes contains many useful and necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. It is very important to feed your baby these dishes at least 1 time per week. The main condition, the meat must be fresh, as when heat-treating a plurality of active and useful substances volatilized. It is recommended for young puppies to give meat in powdered form and mincemeat. Fish given the kid only in boiled form and in purified form. Banned for puppies and adult dogs be given raw fish, because it may result in infection of intestinal worms. Fish puppy should be fed 2 times a week, it is fortified with phosphorus, useful in protein and iodine.

Main question: what to feed month old puppy? For this age very important variety in feeding. Once a week the puppy you need to give raw chicken egg. Daily monthly fuzzies need to be fed fresh or boiled vegetables. Vegetables are served in a puree or in a divided state. To neglect the vegetables, as it contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber. All these substances necessary for a growing body to proper functioning and enhance the health of the immune system.

What to feed a puppy 2 months? A young puppy can be given cereal porridge, cooked in water or in a mixture of water and milk. It is undesirable to drink milk kids, it often causes dysbiosis, and digestive disorders in animals. Milk is better to substitute cream cheese, yogurt, fermented milk products and cheese. In these products contain more calcium than milk.

Is it possible to feed a puppy that is sick? In this case, you can’t force a dog to eat forcibly. If he refuses to eat, so the body’s defenses kick the disease. Once the baby feels better, he will require your food. Can’t feed the puppy a sharp and indigestible food. Remember that children eat when sick? Chicken broth, rice porridge, soft meatballs, vegetable stew. It is these dishes to feed a sick dog-child.

What to feed a newborn puppy? In some cases the man himself had to nurse newborn puppies. Usually pups, in this case, fed cow’s milk, but unfortunately, it cannot completely replace a dog’s milk. Therefore, more nutritional value in cow’s milk is allowed to involve raw egg (half a Cup — 1 egg). In the specialized shops sell a mixture for newborn puppies. They, like baby formula, by its composition replace breast milk bitches.

Feeding dry food

How to feed dry food puppy? First, dry food should be of high quality and of the highest grade. The best dry food for puppies are the following food: Dog Chow, Pro Plan, Ekanuba, Pro Pak, hills and others. Secondly, if the puppy began to feed dry food, other products from his diet it is better to remove, otherwise, the mixing of feed will lead to digestive disorders. Third, dry food has to exactly match the age of the baby. And finally, the dry food will never replace natural food, so when feeding dry puppy you need to give additional vitamin-mineral complex.

How to feed a puppy?

From the first days of stay in the house, the puppy should be a designated area for feeding. Bowls should always be clean. If the dog does not finish the dish, it needs to be removed, you cannot allow the puppy was always access to food.

Clean water should always be poured a bowl for drinking.

How often to feed the puppy we have described above, now let’s talk about snacking. They should not exist at all. Allowed to give your puppy in the form of rewards for good behavior or commands small pieces of useful products: apples, cheese, nuts, etc.

How to feed your puppy new foods? Any new dish into the puppy’s diet must be introduced gradually, in small portions. If a baby are allergic reactions on the product or deterioration of General health, such product must be removed from the power of the dog.

Person it is important to remember that proper nutrition provides dogs good health and longevity.

I also now month old puppy. Mom it has been a week, no milk. Feed herself. He is not eating. More precisely, not any kind of food. The method of “cheating” literally “pushed” in his food. This curd, diluted milk, baby meat pyureshki, too dilute milk, are gaining in a syringe and fed… Well and some minced meat, veal meat, give malodenkie portions. He’s gaining weight very poorly. But, like the plays in a little and even no beeps. Thank God! So, I will hope for the best! And, Yes! I give a little drink of water from a syringe. The not drinking milk neither cow nor goat. I breed milk curd and pyureshki… Well, something like that..

I took a small Rottweiler. I said he was 1.5 months, but when I arrived home, I realized that he was not more than a month. He is not eating and has diarrhea. I gave porridge with shredded chicken, broth and sour cream. Prompt, properly feed, please? Don’t want to lose him.

Just a puppy may be weak or premature, then in 1.5 months it will seem weaker. Feed, as expected at this age. But the diarrhea should not be. Here it’s better to get tested at the vet.

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What diet should be month old puppy?
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