What is dangerous human parasites allowed

People often have Pets: they help one to forget about loneliness, and give to others the opportunity to care for someone third just to give love and get pleasure from a joint pastime.

The decision to have a pet must always be balanced and well-thought, especially if the family has a small child. Should not be taken for “our little brothers” as a toy. They need huge attention and constant care. Moreover, you need to remember that they can be a source of various allergies, infections and diseases. Many lack knowledge about what a dangerous man the parasites of domestic animals, do not give it much importance.

For example, cats and dogs who spend most of time outdoors, often exposed to the possibility of defeat dipilidiosis. From all your favorite cats can also be infected by toxoplasmosis. A particularly high risk exists in pregnant women, the consequence of which could have a miscarriage. It is necessary to observe extreme caution, being near animals, because some parasites are able to survive even outside the environment of their permanent habitat. For example, eggs of Toxoplasma and Toxocara in favorable conditions, stored for several years.

Domesticanimals parasites such as helminth infections enter the body through contact with dogs, cats and birds. Eggs of helminths caught in the gastro-intestinal tract, the larvae subsequently hatch. These larvae are very dangerous because they penetrate into the blood vessels, then the blood carries them on such organs as the liver, lungs, kidney; some species larvae can even get in a brain of the person. During your stay in blood capillaries larvae damage tissue, causing allergic inflammation in different organs.

You should not feed your Pets raw and sun-dried freshwater fish, as cats, dogs and other animals, eating raw fish, which are infected with metacercariae helminth become carriers of opistorhisov parasites in the liver and pancreas. Once in the human body, opistorhisov at the initial stage cause vomiting, dizziness, over time, the multiplication of opistorhisov in the body leads to blockage of the bile ducts, and sometimes even cancer of the biliary system.

As a result of feeding raw fish animals may also be infected by clonorchiasis. In humans cases of infection with this disease rare, but still happen. The disease is accompanied by fever, pain in the upper abdomen; if the person is not undergoing treatment – can go severe complications: inflammation of the gallbladder, liver problems.

From the bite of animals, there are likely to be infected with rabies and their bite can cause the infectious disease leptospirosis. Moreover, this disease occurs in dogs and cats without any symptoms that can be extremely dangerous to human life. Once in the blood of man, the larvae are carried to all tissues and organs, and then disrupted the work of the organs and of the human nervous system. Patient with leptospirosis should be immediately placed in the infectious diseases hospital for intensive treatment.

Besides animals carry fleas, which carry through the bite in the human body worms and various dangerous viral diseases. The larvae of fleas can be stored in the apartment for several months, so treating the animals with different sprays and solutions you need to handle the whole apartment.

Mites also belong to the group of parasites your Pets. You can catch them anywhere, including courtyards, streets, parks. Ticks are carriers of diseases such as piroplasmosis, which the animal may die within a few days.

Some species of ticks are dangerous for humans. Sometimes, during the course of the disease caused by mites, domestic animal, its owner most likely will also discover the symptoms of the so-called transient invasion, which is manifested by increased body temperature and itchy rash on skin mainly in the abdomen.

Only having enough information about what is dangerous to humans parasites of Pets and how to protect yourself from them, you can avoid a number of diseases. You first need to protect Pets in every way to prevent parasites in their bodies, to prevent their contact with stray animals. You should regularly visit a veterinarian, to animals do all necessary preventive vaccinations against dangerous diseases, to use different anti-parasitic agents such as drops, shampoos, sprays, collars, etc.

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What is dangerous human parasites allowed
People often have Pets: they help one to forget about loneliness, and give to others the opportunity to care for someone third just to give love and get pleasure from…

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