What to feed a puppy?

Anyone wanting to have a pet, please read the rules of feeding, to choose the optimal diet and the diet of the puppy. Be sure to ask the breeder what the puppy was fed from birth in order not to spoil the pet’s stomach an abrupt change of diet. If no such information, the puppy can be given a small amount of lean raw meat. Better if it is beef or veal, you can even cartilage – they contain mineral substances. You can give the bird, but make sure that there were no bones. Raw meat is the optimal product that will not cause an upset stomach in your pet. How to feed a puppy properly – the topic of our next article.

From birth, the puppy may even need to give milk. Stop giving him about three month old, because puppies about this time lost the enzyme breaks down lactose. Although in some animals the stomach does not occur and they continue to drink milk even up to a year. Therefore, observe your pet: if he refuses to drink milk, and the body responds to this product is fine – by all means go ahead. Very useful dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese, yogurt. They have to be in ratsionalnogo puppy. Also in the diet of your pet should be present vitamins and minerals, but before you buy is best to consult a veterinarian. Add them are best in dairy products, because in combination with the acid, they are well assimilated. You can feed the pet special food for the puppies, but remember that in any case the child is not suitable food for adult dogs, because it requires other vitamins and minerals. A sharp transition to a dry food cannot. Do it gradually, giving food in very small quantities. To give food to puppies can only be in a softened form, that is, it should pre-fill with water to make the pieces look swollen. Portion you need to do, based on the weight of the puppy (usually the dosage and feeding instructions listed on the box with food).

In the first two months of life a puppy should be fed 4-5 times. From two to six months the puppy needs to eat three times a day, and then you can translate it on two meals a day. It is recommended to feed the puppy at the same time and preferably in the same place. Do not overfeed as this can lead to obesity and metabolic disorders.Note that you can feed the puppy better after walking, because in a calm state, food is digested better.

In order for your dog has no health problems, remember products, which in any case you CANNOT feed your pet:

Fatty and spicy foods (especially pork). Affects the liver of the animal;

Bones (especially tubular). Can damage the esophagus and stomach, as well as clog up the intestines and are subsequently the cause of constipation;

Sweet products. In order to fill the need for glucose, can be added to food a little bit of honey;

Raw fish and eggs. Can cause poisoning;

Sausage products. They contain harmful additives.

Pearl barley can be given only cooked, but even in this case, it is poorly digested, because it isn’t natural food for dogs.

To enrich the diet of your puppy will help the vegetables, but cooking them is not necessary. Grated grated vegetables are best mixed with pieces of meat (if it is necessary to add a spoon of vegetable oil). Oil it is desirable to add at each feeding, it is necessary to coat the puppy was smooth and beautiful.

So what to feed a puppy? Sample menu for a two-month old puppy:

7:00 – calcinated cottage cheese or boiled milk (you can sour milk);

11:00 – oat flakes soaked in milk or meat broth;

15:00 – slices of raw meat with vegetables;

18:00 – cottage cheese with cereal;

21:00 – slices of raw meat or the stuffing (with the addition of cereals).

Remember that you can not abruptly change to the other feeding scheme. If you decide to add in the diet of your puppy’s new “dish”, do it immediately, but gradually and little by little. The rate of feed you will easily be able to determine after watching your pet. If he with appetite has eaten the offered food and walked away, so he fed. If you started to lick the bowl and not in a hurry to leave the place of feeding, you should increase portion. If the puppy does not eat food, decrease the amount.

Vitamins and mineral supplements can be added to the diet of a pup ONLY after consultation with your veterinarian, as this matter needs an individual approach. Because the overabundance of vitamins is no less dangerous than the lack of them.

Proper feeding of a puppy from the first days of life is the most important key to its health and vitality in the future. Therefore approach this matter responsibly, and it is better to enlist the support of a veterinarian.

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