Why do we need Pets

Many parents are hesitant to have Pets, when the family of a small child. The animal, unlike toys can run, play, in the end – just breathing! It relieves stress and takes away part of the anxiety in children. When parents are busy with their lives and paid the child little attention, the opportunity to speak, to complain or to snuggle up a little baby needs. And that pet can provide this. Sometimes a dog, cat or even hamster to replace the child, in particular this can sometimes be the timid, indecisive children. The animal can trust the mystery, to share sorrow or joy.

According to surveys of groups of children 7 -8 years of age, 90% of them bring their Pets in their top ten most important values in life. And although at first place were mom and dad, yet for some children, a cat or a dog was more important than other relatives or teachers.

At the same time, the children really appreciate the role of Pets in my life. For example, none of them expected help from the cat or dog in case of illness, but the most favorite listener, Keeper of secrets and the best Comforter was called a dog. Trust, affection and the absence of conflict, from the words of the children, and because of their treatment of animals.

Someone might argue that some kids can not only learn to love and compassion, but, on the contrary,only torture to the death your puppy or kitten. But, first, to torture the little animals are not so easy, because even a tiny kitten has sharp claws and he can stand up for themselves, or just to hide away. And secondly, great importance has to do with animal adult family members – the child copies all us adults. And if the puppy or kitten is adopted the parents as a new family member, and the child’s relationship to him will be the same. But when an animal is perceived as another piece of furniture, then a couple of years you are horrified to notice in their child indifference and cruelty to any living being.

The choice of your beloved pet

But you still decided to have a pet, and then the question arises, who is more suitable for baby? It all depends on the temperament and personality of the child. For example, hamsters, Guinea pigs and mice, with which you can communicate with touches and sounds, you can approach the child phlegmatic, and people active and happy can coexist with birds, as the birds get sick and even die from stress in an atmosphere of gloom.

For kids boring turtles. With them interesting to talk to, for them boring to watch because in the end, they just stop paying attention.

For kids who love to collect, who know what they want out of life, well suited aquarium with fish. Fish will also be useful and bystrovozvodimyh, restless children – the nervous system works wonders for the contemplation of leisurely floating fish.

All the “pros” and “cons”

It is equally important to understand that first you pick an animal for yourself, and not just for the child. If the baby is still quite small, the main responsibilities for the care of the pet will fall on your shoulders. And no matter how assured the child that will do everything by yourself, think whether you are ready to spend a lot of time, attention and money ( which is also important), having a pet at home. In fact you acquire a new family member. Think about the upkeep of a pet during the holidays.

Play a significant role and living conditions. In your own home you can make any animal, unlike the small apartments where even a tiny hamster can be “extra”. Weigh all the “pros” and “cons” and if you are not sure that you can contain the animal, better not get it at all. After all, this is a great tragedy for both the child and the animal, when to have to break up with him. Think of how many dogs and cats end up on the street just because, for whatever reason, did not match the hosts.

In addition, there are many dangers for the child, which may represent animals. The first is an Allergy. If you or your child suffer from allergic diseases, the animal should not have to. Secondly, any animals can be carriers of many infections that babies can easily pick up. And last – there is a physical danger, in that case, if you have a dog large or aggressive breeds. But all these dangers can be minimized with proper selection and education, as well as the good care of your pet.

If you do it right, believe me, your child will be the happiest in the world!

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